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CBSE Class 10 Subject Wise Board Preparation Strategy

This year’s session is now gradually moving to its end, well, this not a big deal for the school students but that is not the case with board students especially CBSE 10th Board students. Because the marks scored in this class can be a deciding factor in their career.

With reducing time all that is suggested to the board students is that make a time-table, work with the strategy to score maximum marks, solve important chapter wise questions, solve as much sample papers and previous year papers as they can.

In This Article

How and What to Study in Each Subject!

Everyone in the family who is older than you are going to suggest or most probably is suggesting to study with a timetable and with a strategy but nobody is going to give you one. This is where we come to rescue all the students. In this article, we are providing Subject Wise Preparation Strategy for CBSE 10th Board Exams To Score 90+. 

But, a strategy is not enough for the CBSE 10th 2021 board students there are other important things also which should be taken care of e.g. CBSE 10th 2021 Syllabus for the complete understanding of the course, CBSE 10th 2021 Blueprint to know about the marks distribution in CBSE 10th 2021 Board Exams.

Most of the students get a little lenient in their board preparation when they get leave to prepare for their board examination. Students should not get careless and waste the important time given to them as this can be the last opportunity to put efforts. Below we have listed some DO’s and Don’ts to follow in the preparation leave provided to prepare for board exams.

Do’s & Don’ts for Class 10th Boards Preparation

Do's and Dont's in CBSE Board Preparation 2019


  • Start Early – starting your studies from early in the morning
  • Planning – when you plan your studies in the morning or the previous night it can save you a lot of wandering time and help you to complete your task
  • Break It Down – break every topic into more manageable and achievable sub-topics


  • Don’t make it monotonous
  • Don’t disturb your biological clock – Follow early to bed early to rise strategy
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself – don’t beat yourself up with a very harsh timetable, be flexible while setting the schedule and change it as and when needed

Subject Wise Preparation Strategy for Class 10 Board Exams

With a lot of experience, our teachers have compiled subject wise strategy for CBSE 10th students to follow if the CBSE 10th students have not made it themselves yet. These strategies are tried and tested by many students and have shown tremendous results. So without further ado, lets get to the 2 months  boards strategy to Score 90+.

Although we are giving a strategy for a particular subject but there are some methods which are common for all the subjects and one of the most important resources is CBSE 10th Last 5 Years Board Papers, Latest CBSE 10th 2021 Guess Papers, Latest CBSE 10th 2021 Model Papers for actual exam practice and students get the rough idea about how a board paper is compiled. If you want to know how to write like a topper in board exams then you can get help from CBSE 10th Topper’s Model Answer Sheet and practice like writing them.


  • Learn all the algebraic formulas either by mugging them up or by practicing questions based on them(recommended).
  • Don’t underestimate the power of CBSE 10th NCERT Books especially if you are a CBSE student
  • Practice with the complete NCERT questions, with examples and exercise questions
  • While solving word based problem develop the habit of reading it twice or more times
  • Dissect the problem to get the complete idea of question and avoid confusion
  • Once the syllabus is completed don’t forget to practice with Sample papers and Previous Years Papers as they give the idea of the type of questions come in the exams
  • Solve previous year exam paper in an exam like environment


  • Like every subject in this also keep a complete list of formulae, experiments, and derivations
  • Strictly follow NCERT Science books as all the questions not only in board exams but competitive exams come from the concepts given in NCERT
  • In Physics you need to put more focus on concepts and numericals as they contain the maximum weightage of marks
  • For Chemistry, learn all the name reactions by making a separate copy of it and don’t forget to practice numericals of different topics
  • For Biology, all you need is mugging up (takling about only 10th class) of terms, definations and diagrams which can fetch maximum marks in science.


  • For Literature part all you need is understanding of chapters and poems so learn them
  • For Grammar, all you can do is practice as there are so many rules. So the only solution is to practice
  • Last but not least, the Writing Section, all you can do is follow the format of different types of questions asked like Letter to the editor, personal letters, essays, etc. Once you know the formats of all the questions the only thing left it the content of it.
  • To write the content of the writing section all you need to do is read, read, and read.
  • Read the news papers, magazines, etc.
  • Unseen passage can be done from the CBSE 10th previous years questions papers


  • Just solve past years papers and NCERT thoroughly and you can ace in the exam with 90+ marks
  • It is a fact that in Hindi a lot of questions gets repeated from past years

Social Studies

  • This subject is also a fairly easy subject to score but still, a lot of students just get average marks in it
  • It is easy but it very vast subject with a lot of books and hence a lot of chapters
  • The key to score 90+ in this subject is to prioritise the topics as per the marks weightage and prepare accordingly
  • Take help of previous year papers to determine the more frequent questions and topics which may come in the examinations
  • Once the syllabus gets completed prepare with sample and previous years papers

We hope after following these Subject Wise Preparation Strategy CBSE 10th Board Exams, you will surely get a boost in your preparation. Also, the Do’s and Don’ts would be a huge help to maximize your potential.

Additionally, in order to prepare subject wise for your board exams, you should surely check the most important chapter wise questions for class 10th boards.

For any query, suggestion and even complain, please comment.