Prepare For Board Exam In 2 months To Score 90+

Hello Students, hope you are doing great with your Board Exam Preparations. Now that a little time is left in the examination, you all must tighten your preparation. Today, in this article, I will talk about best tips to prepare for Boards in 2 months.

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2 months is a very short period of time if you consider it on a calendar. But, if you are really serious about your Board Exams, then you can use this time most effectively. Let’s see how!

Through years of experience with school students and especially with CBSE Board Exam, I come across hundreds of queries from students at this point of time and most of them ask the same question “is it still possible to score more than 90% in 2 months?“.

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Students like you are worried about Boards and for students of Class 10th who have never been to Board, are horrified.

In addition, the Pre-Boards act like jelly on the top. Schools organize the toughest of questions and put them in front of students. And, the marks of Pre-Boards worry students more.

But, frankly, there is nothing to worry about. The level of Board Examination is 50% of what you noticed in the Pre-Boards. But this does not mean that you will score 100 marks in Boards if you scored 50 in pre-boards.

You have to prepare and test yourself from time to time in this 2 months time. So, if you have been in preparation, then you should know that NCERT is your best friend for Final Examination. Still worries of students persist.

That is why I have compiled proven scientific methods for all the 10th and 12th students for their board exams on how to prepare in 2 months to score 100% in their board exams in step by step method.

How to Prepare for Board Exams in 2 months- The Expert Advice

Below are the tips for all students to study and prepare smartly for their board exams to score more than 95%. These methods, accumulated from various reliable sources, are based on widely accepted research by learning experts and neuroscientists.

Not only for board exam students these methods can be very useful for all the other students also whether they are in school, college or pursuing any other professional course but only if these methods are followed meticulously and regularly.

Quint-Essential Tips for Students for Board Exams 2020-21

  • Don’t compare yourself with others. Everyone has a different learning pace.
  • You would be surprised to know that our brain has the capability to memorize 2.5 petabytes of information which is really a lot of information.
  • To give you some idea about how much is 2.5 petabytes in general, it is roughly equal to 30,00000 hours or 3 millions hours of videos.
  • You may be starting very late but you can easily get better marks if you follow the Tips listed below.

Yes, you heard it right. Why in the hell would you compare yourself any other person on this planet? If guptaji’s son is getting straight As, that should not bother you.

But, you need to get yourself on track. Then only you can win the race. Leave the moh-maya of this world for some days and I promise that you will never regret this.

I have given a great amount of time in developing these Tips for Board Students. You should at least take time to read these aloud. And, if you like even one of these, believe me, you will see an increase in your marks in Boards definitely.

Here are Tips on How To Score Above 90% in 12th Board Exams:

  1. Repeat What You Have Learnt
  2. Find Your Own Style of Learning
  3. Sleep and Study
  4. Let Go the Distractions
  5. Pomodoro Technique
  6. Start with the Tough Topic
  7. Meditate & Exercise
  8. Focus on NCERT Books
  9. Take Fun Seriously
  10. Challenge Yourself
  11. 30% Read and 70% Recite
  12. Take Short Instant Tests
  13. Never Force Studies

Here are 13 Tips to Prepare For Board Exam In 2 months To Score 90+:

1. Repeat What You Learned

If you want to maximize your learning (be it something like History, English, etc. in which you have to learn more and understand less or like Maths, Physics, Chemistry which requires more of understanding and less of mugging) you should study less but more often.

Schedule your study sessions for a small duration but very frequent e.g. study for either 25 minutes and take a break for 5 minutes or study for 50 minutes and take a break for 10 minutes. Repeat this cycle 5 to 8 times a day.

Neuroscientists have proved that synapses( the million and billion connections in our brain cells) that make us memorize and understand what we have learned, mainly grow at night when we are asleep.

This means it is more productive to study regularly with sleeping breaks in between.

2. Find Your Own Style of Learning

Every student is different so why learning of every student should be the same. Some student study with their friends and others prefer to study alone in silence.

Some students learn better from videos and some prefer books. The point is that the Learning and Understanding Style of each individual is different. Different students adapt to different learning habits over time.

Hence, you have to find your style of learning. Is it the examples that make you remember any definition or is it the diagram that prints in your brain very easily?

You have to find and start working on your style. If you find out that you need silence to concentrate, then night is your best time to study.

I have seen students who requires a mild music to concentrate and learn very quickly with the music. So, what’s your style? Find out!

3. Sleep and Study- A great combination

According to a study, the students who studies at night and has a good night sleep remembered their study materials 35% better than those who studied in the morning to take a test in the evening.

You should not bother what scientists think, but you have to maximize the power of your brain. Parents at times don’t allow their children to take even proper sleep while preparing for Boards. This is disastrous.

If your child have adapted to his/her style of learning as given in point 2, then let them take breaks in between the lessons and if they want to sleep, let them.

But, since the time is not much, don’t sleep too much. 8 hours sleep in a day is enough to lose all those negative thoughts and to remember what’s important.

4. Let Go of the Distractions

It’s the toughest thing to do for the young generation. Gadgets and Friends at this point of time can ruin what you have planned for yourself. Break-up with them.

Getting more than 90% marks in Board Exam is not that easy. You have to make up your mind and work for it.

If you tend to procrastinate which means you switch from doing something hard like studying Maths, Physics, etc. to something easy like watching TV or browsing web it means you lose focus very easily.

What type of Distractions you should prevent?

  • Mobile Phones: Keep you mobile away. Only use it if it’s too urgent or necessary.
  • Social Media: Keep your social activities like Instagram, Tic-Tok etc. under-control and under-consideration. Your social activities can result in distractions for others too. You know what I mean.
  • Disco and Party: It’s fun to enjoy but not really at this time. Partying or such activity will cost you Time and right now Time=Marks. You can have some funtime between studies but keep yourself away from time wasting activities.
  • Friends– Girls or Boys, keep your friend list intact. Discuss problems related to Boards not life. You will get enough time for friends after the Boards. If you feel low, discuss with your parents or close friends. But chatting unnecessarily for hours, will take away those marks you worked the whole year for.
  • Parents: I am not asking you to be away from your parents, but clarify them that how important these 2 months are for you and you really want to make them proud. This way, they will keep you out of any unnecessary daily chores of home.

I am not advising you to seclude from everything but its crucial that you do not fall for anything that doesn’t requires your attention at this time. Any distractions can harm your months of preparation and this is not just out of the blue.

I, myself, have gone through such situation while I was in school and I consider this as Mistake of my life. So, Beware.

5. Pomodoro Technique

This technique was introduced in 1800s to maximize the output of any work. Initially used by businessmen, this technique is famous and used worldwide and in almost every field.

The technique at first instance seem very basic and normal. But, the results of this technique has proved its importance in work and in studies as well.

To use Pomodoro Technique in Studies:

  1. Set a timer to 25 minutes when you focus entirely on your studies
  2. When the timer rings take a break for 5 minutes.
  3. After 5 minutes, set the timer again.

This is a very efficient technique if followed strictly by students. The small breaks in between are relaxing and motivating to keep going in your studies.

Use these breaks to drink water, to get fresh air from outside or just do a simple relaxing exercise.

6. Start with Hard Topics

Pick up a subject and list down its topics. Mark the topics you find hard to understand. Start with the hard topics. This is because the hard topics often carry the maximum marks.

Although, the time is less, you cannot only rely on the easy topics for passing and getting 90+ marks in any subject. If you really want those extra marks in your marksheet, you have to put every effort for the same.

The best time to study the difficult subjects is Morning. Most people have the strongest willpower in the morning. Wake up early, freshen up and pick the topic you already decided to study.

Once you are done with hard stuff you will feel better for the rest of the day and probably more motivated to get other things done.

7. Meditate and Exercise Regularly

There are few activities proven to grow your brain, however, physical exercise, regular meditation, and good conversation apparently do exactly that they lead to the creation of new neurons inside your brain and therefore grow its potential.

Okay, that’s too biological but it works. Take some time for meditation and a little exercise that helps you keep calm and think. You can practice Pranayam or simple yoga aasans.

You may find this unappropriate or irrelevant this time but believe me most people practice meditation at such crucial times. I have seen many copetitive exam aspirants doing this to keep the tension in the bags.

You must do it too.

8. Bring the NCERT Out

It is the best time to bring out the NCERT Books that you kept hidden the whole year. The whole syllabus of NCERT is what that can certainly help you get more than 90% marks in the exams. I should have mentioned this earlier but, nevertheless, this is your panacea.

CBSE designs the Board Exam Papers exclusively from the NCERT books. The Examples are the most important part of NCERT Notes that you must focus on.

The Back exercises and the optional exercises are important too.

The best way to read NCERT books is by reading the whole chapter deeply and making self notes. Allot time for each subject and make short points of the Topics.

When done solve the back exercises and revise once done. Don’t go out of the syllabus. Seriously, don’t even try to research on new topics that are not even covered in the syllabus. Save that for Future.

9. Take Fun Seriously

It doesn’t matter that how hard it is, just find a fun way to practice it. Modern learning science believes that positive emotions  are very important for increasing your learning potential. There is no more positive emotion than fun. So, do yourself a favour and have a good time while learning.

Try to participate in fun-learning activities. Do any science experiment at your own. Feed the birds. Play some guitar. Make food with your mom. Iron your clothes. But, within the limited time.

10. Space Your Studies

  • In order to remember things for a longer period so that you do not need to revise very often, repeat the material in spaced intervals
  • To remember facts or vocabularies are best learned if you revise them the first time 1-2 days after the initial study and then again after a week and after 1 month

11. Follow this Magic Formula: 30% Read, 70% Recite

Like you can’t eat too much at a time, you can’t learn too much either. Take time to understand the concepts you just learned. Remember that the more you understand the easier it will be for you to write down the answers.

If you learn only for the sake of passing, you may never be able to remember the topic exactly. Read less and repeat more. Although the time is very less, you cannot learn everything. So, make sure to learn less but understand deeply.

This ratio is best while Preparing for the Board Examination because in board examination it is the quality of the text that matters than the quantity. If you have understood a topic, then you can write your own words in Board and still get 100% marks in each question.

12. Instant Self-Test

After you study, finish up with a quick Test Quiz.

Immediate recall in a form of a test or a short summary on what you have just learned can increase retention by as much as 30%.

Test are one of the best ways to memorize stuff quickly. Pick any Sample Paper or Model Paper for your class and start practising. Leave the questions that you find tough, come back to those after the test is over.

Set a timer for every test (depending upon the number of questions). Go from short tests to full length tests. Keep calm if you don’t know answers to questions. Skip and move forward.

13. Don’t Force It

  • Motivation is like hunger, you cannot force yourself to be motivated just like you cannot tell someone to be hungry
  • So if you are not hungry right now do not worry
  • Take a break and do something else.

These methods will help all the students study effectively and Prepare For Board Exam In 2 months To Score 100% only if followed regularly

Know what make them toppers: Toppers Board Answers pdf

2-Month Study Time-Table for Class 12th Students

This 2-month schedule is created by teachers who have been teaching for more than 12 years and if followed strictly for 60 days with an unwavering focus then success is guaranteed.

Study Time-Table for Class 12th Students
33-35Computer Science
36-43Revision days as per subjects
6 Days – Physics, Chemistry & MathsRevision
1 Day – English
1 Day – Comp Science
44-60Sample Or Previous Years Papers

2-Month Study Time-Table for Class 10th Students

For CBSE 10th students the following timetable or schedule is the most appropriate one to complete their entire syllabus in just 2 months and prepare board exams simultaneously.

Study Time-Table for Class 10th Students
26-35Social Studies
40-60Revision with previous year papers (Must)

This 2 month study time table for Boards is created with the belief that you will follow it accordingly and daily. if you miss even a day, you will lose a lot of time and this won’t work anymore.

Keep in mind that the time left is very less and if you are thinking to study then you will never get to the top. It’s not the time to think, its time to act. Just keep this timetable in front of you and pick up your books.

For the students. who have completed NCERT books should start revision by practicing full-length CBSE 10th Sample Papers. Practice a full-length Paper daily.

Solve as many questions as you can. Try different approaches to solve a question in Mathematics because the approach is important in Boards.

If you have any query, suggestion or complain please leave it in the comments section

12 thoughts on “Prepare For Board Exam In 2 months To Score 90+”

    1. Mr. Radhe, First clear your basics and concepts of the Class 10th maths. Start with NCERT easy chapters like quadratic and permutation. Then go to broader ones like Surface area and volume. Practice is the key here. Do as many questions as you can based on a formula. such as if you are preparing Circles, then do all questions types based on Areas.
      Look for sample question and examples in NCERT and other help-books.

  1. Sir,
    I havent been studying with full focus in physics and chemistry.
    Now i want to begin from scratch to understand and memorize my topics.
    How do i do it?
    Any tips? Please…

    1. Hello Priyanka,
      It is very good and important that you are aware of the fact and accepts it that your preparations are not going in the right direction and you are ready to make amends in your schedule. First and foremost things is that do not stress about your studies because there is still plenty of time to score above 90% in your board exams. In physics, you start by practicing all the derivations, chapter wise, regularly without exception and the same should be done with all the important chemical equations of chemistry because they have a very high percentage in board examination.
      Make a proper schedule for self-study other than your school and tuition even if you have to burn the midnight oil. Keep reviewing your progress by explaining to your friends what you study because teaching is the best way of learning and be consistent in your study schedule. Along with studying you also need to know how to write answers in board exams to score full marks (click here).
      I hope I am able to resolve your doubt although I am going to provide a complete article on Subject Wise Schedule For 12th Board Exams very soon but if you still have any doubt please do comment below, I would be more than happy to help you Priyanka. All the best

  2. Tq for your tips Sir… I am unable to focus on studies but feeling like depressed thses days..actually I am JAC board student and I want to score above 93% but still I haven’t started…help me out..and please give some tips to me

    1. Hello Vinay,
      First, you need to be very clear about what you want to do and what is your target in the upcoming board exams. Once you have a goal or objective in mind then you can make a schedule to achieve that goal and while setting the schedule you need to be very cautious about the time killers and distractions like mobile phones and other electronic mediums. Once you have a clear sight of the goal then you will see that you can manage your time well with covering all the subjects. All the best.

  3. Chandrabhan Ahirwar

    Hello sir
    I am mathematics , science, student
    I have a only 55 days in exam and I have no preparation my any subjects so plz sir & mam help me . I have very tension for examination.actualy I am belonging poor family so I can’t go any coaching plz sir help me my Mp board examination 12th class

    1. Hello Chandrabhan,
      Ensure that you follow the above given tips strictly and in addition to that you must collect all study material that you require. 55 days are enough to prepare and get decent marks in board exams. Firstly, pick up the syllabus and look out for chapters that you are good at, prepare them. Also, look out for chapters that have greater marks margin in boards and revise them. Once revised, practice with sample papers as much as you can.
      To memorise, do write down everything, you read or learn, twice. Make a time table that suits you and study according to that. Find the time, when you are least distracted. Don’t try to learn too much at a time,Take Breaks in between.

  4. Tq so much for these tips sir .As u have given us the study timetable for the 2 months that are left for sslc boards v cannot follow it fully bcoz we have school frm 8am to 4 pm v hardly get 8 hrs or 7hrs to study how can v study only for 8-7hrs in school v feel distracted bcoz v have our frnds n whenever v try to study v start speaking pls give me a solution sir plsssn i have planned a timetable to study 3 ls per day is in these 8hrs whenever i atart studying i feel scared thinking tht theres just 2 months left wht will i do n all wht do i do tho overcome such thoughts n one of my friend scores very good marks she just sleeps for 2hrs is this sleep enough in these 2 monts to score above 95percent

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