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10 Badass Indian Soldiers Who Earned Param Vir Chakra (PVC)

Not everyone can know the pain that Indian Soldiers go through while sitting comfortably home. Their lives make us alive and hence there are several awards and medals that are made in their name to honour the work and services done by them in the favour for their country and for the civilians selflessly.

Here is the list of names of the soldiers who had been awarded Param Vir Chakra in the history of Indian Military. All these awardees showed us true heroism and had been a vital part in the making of today’s India.

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List of Param Vir Chakra Winners in Indian Military History

1) Major Som Nath Sharma

PVC Major Somnath Sharma

Major Som Nath Sharma was honoured with this reward for the operations that were conducted in Kashmir in the year 1947.

At the time when he was busy in fighting with the opponent at that moment of time, the bomb erupted over the ammunition which was placed near to him.

This courageous soldier is familiar with fighting till his death and abstained the surrendering of Srinagar and also the Kashmir Valley in the hands of Pakistan.

2) Honorary Captain Karam Singh

honorary Captain Karma Singh PVCDuring the war, Captain Karam Singh and three of his assistants were having a shortage of bullets still managed to defeat the enemies who were bleeding heavily.

Still, when Pakistanis entered for another time, he instructed his followers by telling them that there are numerous people who will carry on the fight after our death.

The best quality of him was that he was never concerned about his personal security and gave all he can to safeguard the country and its countrymen.

3) Naik Jadunath Singh

PVC Naik Junanath SinghNaik Jadu Singh was basically safeguarding the piquet over the ridge of the Tain Dhar at the time when they were bombarded by around 1500-2000 Pakistanis attackers.

He was the only person who was alive although most of his body parts were covered with wounds still he managed to gain the strength and started firing bullets everywhere.

This frightened the enemies like anything and they ran away from there as soon as they could.

4) Captain Vikram Batra

PVC Captain Vikram BatraCaptain Vikram Batra was assigned with the task of reclaiming Point 5140. He bravely killed three enemy soldiers due to which he was heavily injured.

But still, he didn’t take a moment to consider his injuries and went forward with all the strength and managed to do the task to which he was assigned.

This courageous soldier was being shot at the time when he was trying to save an injured officer at the time of counter-attack.

5) Captain Gurbachan Singh Salaria

Captain Gurbachan Singh Salaria PVCCaptain Salaria was fighting or the U.N. force at the time of civil war in Congo, he was assigned with the task of demolishing the roadblock which was safeguarded with countless enemies who had the benefit in the muscle-power and ammunition.

Irrespective of the above-mentioned fact he still went to the battlefield and killed as much enemy he can and even slit the throat of most of the enemies through his Kukri.

Unfortunately, his extraordinary courage couldn’t last long when the enemies fired bullets over him.

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6) Yogender Singh Yadav

PVC Yogendra Singh yadavThis man is specifically being honored for exhibiting extra-ordinary brave attitude at the time of Kargil War. He was a member of the team of Ghatak Platoon who was assigned with the task to seize Tiger Hill.

Grenadier Yadav directed to move ahead and affixed the rope for his team so that it can be easy for their team members to climb up.

After seeing them the enemies started heavy firing, a fierce grenade which leads to the death of the Commander and two of his assistants.

After recognizing the intensity of the situation, Yadav dragged himself to the position of the enemy to make them quiet, undergoing with numerous bullet wounds.

He denied of being removed and took the charge instead of undergoing with countless bullet hits.

7) Abdul Hamid

PVC Abdul HamidAt the time of protecting the Khem Karan Sector in Punjab, Abdul Hamid transformed himself to the tank-demolition factor in between the artillery shelling.

He concealed himself in the area which was covered with crops of cotton and sugarcane, he shot down three M48 Patton tanks but was soon shot to death when he aiming for the fourth one.

8) Major Manoj Kumar Pandey

Manoj was the commander of Platoon in the Operation in the year 1999. He guided his assistants and colleagues to recapture the Jubar Top.

In the process, the enemies were trying their best to stop them in succeeding their battle. But Pandey was quite rigid and went forward to take a charge over the mission.

With the intense determination targeted the enemies by showering the bullets. Sustaining with numerous injuries all over his shoulders and legs but didn’t give up until and unless all of the enemies were over.

9) Captain Bana Singh

The main aim of Bana Singh was to seize a post which was situated on a peak of 21,153 feet and which was covered with the walls of ice which was up to 457 meters.

The peak was prior to being familiar as ‘Left Shoulder’ but after seizing them by unfair means, the Pakistanis gave the name of ‘Quaid Post’ in the tribute of Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

After being aware of all of the extreme difficulties, Bana Singh went forward and reached the peak and demolished the enemies.

Since his rifle was jammed due to extreme cold, therefore, he stabbed others and the other enemies flew from that area in fear.

10) Major Ramaswamy Parameswaran

He was the part of the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) in Sri Lanka, was coming from the search operation when they were being fired by the LTTE militants continuously.

During this time, Major Parry amazingly organized his comrades to take the charge and scattered in the dense forest and to frighten the enemies.

Ramaswamy was injured heavily but still went forward in this condition and grabbed the gun from the hands of the enemies and shot him down.

Though he couldn’t last long still his efforts lead to the victory. To all such soldiers and army forces, a grand salute from each and every of the citizen of India.

It is not at all easy to fight selflessly to protect us from any sort of danger. Whatever we do for them is not enough to meet the sacrifices that they are doing for us.

And hence, I am requesting to each and every citizen lets fulfill our responsibilities as well and make them know that their efforts are not going waste.

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