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Indian Army Soldier (JCO/OR) Ranks, Promotion and Insignia

Indian Army is one of the most hardcore and strongest in the world. Thanks to our millions of soldiers standing and protecting us on the borders, we are sitting and eating with our families at the comfort of our homes.

Many volunteers want to join the Indian Army but not everyone becomes an officer instantly. Most of them have to work from the very bottom and then climb up the ladder one step at a time.

With the introduction of seventh pay commission and OROP, a General Duty (GD) soldier now has a bright future in the army.

In terms of accommodations and services, the Indian army already provides medical facilities, travel allowances, canteen facilities and so much more.

But, now the GD soldiers can think about the increase in salary and rank as well.

Indian army Soldier ranks and Promotion

Here are the promotion process and rank structure after joining Indian Army as a GD soldier:

  1. SEPOY
    The first recruitment will be as a Sepoy (soldier) and the basic grade pay for the post will be about 1,800 rupees. You have to serve at least five years here before you can think of promotion.
    After serving at least 5 years, the next promotion will be to Lance Naik (one arm strip) and the basic grade pay will be around 2,000 rupees.
  3. NAIK
    Again after serving 4-5 years, the Lance Naik can be promoted to Naik with two arm stripes and the basic grade pay of the post will be around 2,400 rupees.
    Add 5-6 more years, a Naik can be promoted to the rank of “Havildar” with basic grade pay of 2,800 rupees. Hawildar is also called NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers) and have authority to command.
    After Havildar, the next rank a soldier is promoted to is a Naib Subedar also called JCO (Junior Commissioned Officer) with basic grade pay of 2,800 rupees. The Naib Subedar wears one star on his shoulders with a red and yellow band.
    After 2-3 years as Naib-Subedar, he can be promoted to Subedar with two stars on his shoulders.
    The highest post a GD soldier can attain is Subedar Major and he wears an Ashoka emblem on his shoulders. The basic grade pay for a Subedar Major is 4,800 rupees.

Fact: JCO is a very prestigious post and even officers are supposed to follow protocols while addressing them.

Extra Promotion Opportunities

As you know now, that Subedar Major (JCO) is as far as a soldier can be promoted to. But after attaining this rank, the army still considers the years and past records of the soldier and they can be further promoted to honorary ranks of lieutenant and then captain if he is meeting all the criteria and is eligible.

This article contains some of the things you must know before you move on to how to apply for the Indian Army GD.

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  1. What is the starting rank if a person Join Indian army through JCO catering Recruitment
    And at which rank they got Promoted

    1. The initial rank under JCO Catering is Naib Subedar and further promotions takes place like other soldiers.

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