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Indian Army Soldiers In-Hand Salary, Perks and Allowances

Why do you want to join the Indian Army? Is it because of your immense patriotism towards your country or do you feel assurance with the extraordinary accommodations or the salary packages offered by the Indian Army?

Whatever it is, your main motive is to join Indian Army anyhow. But, you should be aware of everything related to Indian army and their services before you get there.

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Do not take decisions instantly, take your time, ask yourselves why do you want to join the Indian Army, do you see any future in it or do you think it will be enough to sustain a good and healthy life for you and your family.

According to a research conducted by the central government, out of the millions of youngsters registered for the Indian Army GD rally, more than 50% doesn’t even know what is there starting salary package would be if they got recruited.

Money is equally important to lead a good life and do you know how much does an Indian Army Sainik earns? Do not worry, we will give you all the details regarding the basic Indian Army GD starting basic salary and Grade pay.

Pay Scale and In Hand Salary of Indian Army Soldiers after 7th Pay Commission

1. Salary of Sepoy in Indian Army

In-hand salary Around Rs. 25,000
Pay band Rs. 5200 – 20200
Grade pay Rs.1800
Military services pay Rs.2000

2. Salary of Lance Naik in Indian Army

In-hand salary Around Rs.30,000
Pay band Rs. 5200 – 20200
Grade pay Rs.2000
Military services pay Rs.2000

3. Salary of Naik in Indian Army

In-hand salary Around Rs.35,000
Pay band Rs. 5200 – 20200
Grade pay Rs.2500
Military services pay Rs.2000

4. Salary of Havaldar in Indian Army

In-hand salary Around Rs.40,000
Pay band Rs. 5300 – 20200
Grade pay Rs.2800
Military services pay Rs.2000

5. Salary of Naib Subedar in Indian Army

In-hand salary Around Rs.45,000
Pay band Rs. 9300 – 34800
Grade pay Rs.4200
Military services pay Rs.2000

6. Salary of Subedar in Indian Army

In-hand salary Around Rs.50,000
Pay band Rs. 9300 – 34800
Grade pay Rs.4600
Military services pay Rs.2000

7. Salary of Subedar Major in Indian Army

In-hand salary Around Rs. 65,000
Pay band Rs.9300 – 34800
Grade pay Rs.4800
Military services pay Rs.2000

Indian Army GD Allowances and Benefits

Indian Army GD recruits are also provided with the extra allowances for the tasks that need expenditure like transportation and allowances for renting house etc.

An Indian army soldier gets an allowance of:

  1. 400 per month for Kit maintenance,
  2. 1600-3200 for Transport,
  3. up to 25% of basic pay on field area,
  4. 5600 allowances for soldiers posted in high altitude area,
  5. 14,000 for soldiers in Siachen,
  6. 1600 for Para commando and
  7. 9000 per month for special forces official.

Indian Army GD Perks for Servicemen and Ex-servicemen

Joining the Indian army means to dedicate your life to the country and now you have seen that for your contributions you get a fine salary. But apart from salary joining Indian army comes with a lot of other extra facilities that will benefit you and your loved ones.

Extra facilities and Benefits of Indian Army Soldiers are as follows:

1. Accommodation/Housing facilities for Soldiers

Army cantonment areas are one of the most awesome places to live in India in terms of every basic aspect. From the clean environment to the good neighborhood, great quarters, separate places for sports and extracurricular activities and 24/7, 365 days security. It is a great place to spend your years even with your family.

2. Medical facilities for Soldiers and Family

The medical facilities in Military Hospitals are one of the best in India. From great hospitals in terms of infrastructure and they are equipped with the latest and modern medical technologies. World class doctors make your problems go away easily.

3. Canteen facility

Indian Army has made the lives easy for the Indian Army officials by providing the canteen facilities so that they and their family members could purchase household stuff at the most economical price as possible. The groceries are other things will always be available and you can definitely be assured of the A1 quality.

4. Educational facilities for Children of Soldiers

Indian Army vows to provide unparalleled education to Indian Army official’s family children with their Army school networks spread throughout the country. Kids who have studied in Army schools have much better career opportunities as compared to other schools. Plus bright students can get scholarships. What’s the better way to raise a family?

Once you are done getting familiar with salary packages and other facilities, you are ready to know How to apply for Indian Army GD? You will get every information that leads to your selection in Indian Army GD with us. Keep visiting.

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