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Tips on How to Prepare for Indian Army in 1 Month

Indian Army is the most popular career option for Indian youth and for some good reasons. The job comes equipped with a good salary, great accommodation, and utmost respect. To wear the army uniform is a dream for countless youngsters but getting a job in the army is not child’s play. Only immense dedication and hard work will get you there.

Indian Army Rally के फिजिकल टेस्ट की तैयारी केवल 1 महीने में कैसे करें

All the candidates applying for the Indian Army should look for the best opportunities in the exam. Almost every state conducts open Bharti army rally once a year and only the best amongst the participating candidates are chosen by the Indian Army.

You only get one chance a year and you wouldn’t wanna miss it, right? So, your preparations must be sound before the rally day. Whether it be a physical exam or written exam, you must be ready with all your documents.

In this article, we will talk about the Tips on How to Prepare for Indian Army in One Month before the Indian Army Rally.

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How to Prepare for Indian Army GD In 1 Month

Document Organization

Before going into the physical training and study material, you should organize your documents properly. Hundreds of candidates are eliminated every year due to lack of or improper documents.

If you have already organized them properly there should be no problem while the officer is investigating it. Organize them before one month of the recruitment.

Organize the following documents as per given sequence.

  • Class 10th Certificate (As a proof of Date of Birth).
  • Class 12th Marksheet (Depends on the post you apply for).
  • Domicile of the state & Caste Certificate of the concerned state. (जाति प्रमाण पत्र ).
  • Character certificate with a photograph signed by village Sarpanch issued before six months. The Character certificate can be issued by the School or College headmaster.

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Know the Process

You should begin with applying for the Indian Army through the Indian Army official website. After registration download and collect the admit card from the same website. After that comes the physical test part.

First, you have to reach the recruitment center where your height will be measured first and then comes running, pull-ups, balance, and nine feet ditch.

After that comes the written test and medical test. The result is notified via a merit list.

How to Prepare for Indian Army Physical In One Month

This will be the first barrier between you and the Indian Army.  And it will be the most difficult to accomplish within a month. But, if you show sheer determination and an untamed Will, you can do it.

Running Tips- 1600 मीटर दौड़ के लिए टिप्स

Running is the toughest part in the Physical exam training.

You have to be prepared for running 1.6 km with hundreds of other competitors. This is not a run at the rally, its a war. So, you have to prepare yourself for war, literally.

  • Practice and Consistency are the keys here if you want to be in the first finishers in the race.
  • Although the run in Indian Army is 1600m and but it feels like kilometers when you are running with hundred others.
  • The more you prepare the best you can achieve.

One month is a very less time, so you have to double your preparations for Indian Army GD Running.

Run for atleast, 90 minutes in the morning with short breaks and 90 minutes in the evening. Drink a lot of water 30 minutes before running and 20 minutes after running.

If you keep doing this regularly without missing a day, you will be ready within a month. These are the Tips for Running 1.6 Km(1600 m) in Indian Army Exam.

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Push Ups and Pull Ups

This is another major physical exam. You will have to pull your whole body weight with your hands. Running will help you nail this exam as it will reduce your lower body weight and increase stamina.

You will have to do at least 6 to stay in the exam and you will get marks for every other pull up. For 10 pull-ups, you will get 40 marks. So, try and do as many pull-ups as you can at least 3 times a day.

Tip: You can Buy a Pull-up bar easily Online to help you with the pull-ups

Balance and 9 feet ditch

Balance and 9 feet ditch is another exercise in the list of Indian Army Physical Exam. Although, there is no marking scheme in these two, but if you are not able to complete this in 3 tries, you will get eliminated. So, you must practice these exercises regularly too.

  • Try balancing on uneven or irregular surfaces like the top of walls or zig-zag surfaces daily.
  • For 9 feet ditch, dig a 9 feet long trench in your backyard and try to jump from one point to another every time you see it.

If you can’t dig a trench, you can simply draw two lines at a distance of 9 feet and try to jump from one to another.

Note: Keep in mind that these two exercises can hurt you. So, be careful while practicing these.

Be Medically Fit

  • Eat healthy every day before the recruitment rally. Eat lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • You can also eat meat as it will increase fiber and muscle proportion in your body.
  • But be cautious, do not eat too much as it will lead to indigestion. Keep your body clean and tidy.
  • Wake up early at 4 am and do your physical training and go to sleep at 10 pm.

Be disciplined about everything. From eating to sleeping, you should be disciplined.

In the same way, eat heavy breakfast, medium lunch, have healthy snacks in the evening and light dinner at night. Do not eat after 8 pm.

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How to Prepare for Indian Army Written Exam in One Month

The Indian Army Written exam is going to be another barrier in front of you and you cannot jump cross it. You will have to go through it. To prepare for the written exam you need to relax your mind and prepare for a long session of study.

To prepare for Indian Army in just One Month is not an easy task and if you think that you can prepare for Indian Army in One Month then you need all the best resources to prepare from and in that case Indian Army GD Online Test can benefit you in calculating your preparation.

Other than Army GD Online Tests what you need is Latest Army GD Sample Papers so that you can get the idea of the actual paper which will help you in preparing for Indian Army Written Exam in One Month.

7 Tips to Crack Indian Army CCE Exam

  1. Divide your subjects and cover 2 subjects every day. That way you can cover the maximum out of each subject.
  2. Put 2 subjects, say science and Maths for Monday and study 2 hours in the morning after physical training and 2 hours in the evening. Same way put General Knowledge and Reasoning for Tuesdays and practice them accordingly.
  3. Be regular, do not miss your study for anything.
  4. Make important notes in a separate notebook of what you think is important.
  5. At the weekend, solve modern papers and sample papers that will help you with timing and give you an insight on how the exam is going to be.
  6. Read newspapers every day so that your mind remain aware of the general knowledge.
  7. Try meditation and yoga to decrease the negative energies and increase the flow of positive vibe.

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Conclusion: If you follow the above-mentioned guidelines regularly and carefully, you will definitely crack the Indian Army GD physical and written test in 1 month.

We will keep posting the articles that will help you to crack the Indian army GD physical and written test. Keep visiting us for the detailed information on Indian Army GD recruitment here.