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Army Soldier Bharti Medical Test Criteria – All Trades

Joining Indian Army as Soldier is the best way to be the part of Indian Military. To get selected in Indian Army, Candidates have to get through various tests. One of these is the Indian Army Medical Test. It is very important for all the aspirants to know about the Indian Army Medical Criteria as it can cause an unnecessary problems if not taken care of. If you take care of little things in your body then you can easily clear Indian Army Medical Test and fulfill all the Indian Army Medical Criteria.

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In this article you will get complete information about Army GD Medical Criteria. All the important points related to Army Medical Criteria For All Trades like Army GD, Army Clerk, Soldier Technical, Nursing Assistant, etc. are covered below to assist every Army aspirant so that they can get the relevant information and prepare themselves accordingly.

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Indian Army Medical Criteria 2020-21:

There are many candidates who fail in Medical Test of Indian Army and all their preparation gets wasted because they are unaware of the Medical Criteria of Indian Army. So, all the candidates who are preparing for Indian Army must know about the Medical Eligibility Criteria of Army GD.

Lakhs of youngsters apply for Indian Army Rally every year but only a few hundred candidates get selected and placed in Indian Army. It’s fair for those candidates who fail in Physical and Written Exam because they at least know that where they lacked.

आर्मी GD के मेडिकल टेस्ट के बारे में आपको यहाँ पर बताया गया है | आर्मी में भर्ती होने वाले कैंडिडेट्स इंडियन आर्मी के मेडिकल टेस्ट की जान कारी यहाँ पा सकते हैं |

Army Soldier GD Medical Test Details

What you should know About Army Medical Criteria?

Enthusiasts can join and serve the Indian Army as an officer or as JCO/OR Soldiers GD, technical, clerk, soldier nursing assistant, soldier tradesman posts etc. Indian army has it all – good salary package, extraordinary facilities, immense respect and lifelong honour. But first you should know about the Army GD Eligibility Criteria both Army GD Physical Criteria and Army GD Medical Criteria.

Indian Army Medical Test for Army GD,Clerk, Nursing, Technical requires overall fitness of the candidates because if a person is not physically or mentally fit then he will not only become problem for himself but also make problems for all the people around him in the Army. Army is supposed to help the nation in any and every possible way be it a terror attack or national calamity and if an Army personal is not fit himself then he cannot help other people who are in need of help. This is the importance of Medical Fitness in the Army.

Army Medical Corps distinguish and select only those candidates who are medically fit for joining Army.The tests are conducted in Indian Army Medical boards and only the candidates declared fit by the medical authorities can proceed to join Indian Army Training Academies. Although, if declared unfit, candidates can appeal to the medical board for a re-examination.

Army Soldier Bharti Medical Test Procedure

You need to be fit in medical to join army recruitment. The dream of millions of youth in the Indian Army fails only because they fail the Indian Army Medical Test. One reason is not only their preparation is bad but also their time.

If you want to join the army, then you also have to be ready for your medical test. After passing the physical test of Indian Army recruitment, you also have to pass the medical test.
You are called to the Military Hospital of the Indian Army for medical examination where your entire body is examined. There are also 4-5 days in a medical test, so you should go and make arrangements for your stay and food.

Medical test examines any type of disease that can prove to be a problem for a soldier. In this, your eyes are checked, dental points, critical illnesses are all checked. Before going to the medical test, I will suggest you to go to any good hospital and get your check done, this will let you know about your health as well as know if there is any disease in your body.

Parameters For Army Medical Criteria

  1. Candidate should not be suffering from any mental disease.
  2. Candidate should not have body defects such as overweight, band or fracture in hand or legs.
  3. The chest of a candidate ought to be developed and in a good shape, there should be a minimum enlargement of 5 cm throughout the chest measure test.
  4. Candidate ought to be free from bone diseases and bone joint defects, every important bone joints are examined throughout the medical test.
  5. Candidates hearing, viewing and speaking ability ought to be terribly clear. Candidate having disease or downside in their ears, eyes and throat are going to be rejected.
  6. Candidates should be able to read 6/6 in distant vision chart with each eye. Colour vision should be CP – III (able to recognize white, red and green signal colours correctly as shown by Martin’s Lantern at 1.5 meters).
  7. Candidate should not have organic diseases like disease regarding heart and vessels. The blood pressure ought to even below the limits.
  8. Candidate should not possess any disease relating to internal organs like liver, kidneys, spleen etc, having such diseases will provide you with a rejection.
  9. Urine examination is additionally done throughout the medical method.
  10. Your teeth ought to be in good shape and condition.
  11. Soldier General Duty for Infantry should have 6/6 eyesight.

What is Checked in Army Medical Test?

1. Candidate’s body page and mental balance should be correct
2. Chest swelling should be 5 cm
3. Normal hearing with each ear and both eyes should have good binocular vision
4. Colors should have the ability to recognize white, red and green better than 1. 5 m
5. All teeth must be in good condition with 16 dental points at work
6. There should not be diseases like bone deformity, hydrocele and varicocele or hemorrhoids.
7. Soldier general duty for Infantry must have 6/6 eyes.

Important: Overweight and Underweight candidates are given temporary rejections and can re-apply for the medical exam after curing the defect.

Review Process for Rejected Candidates

Review process is like a second chance for those candidates who are rejected in Army Medical test but only in a very few categories like eyes, nose, ear defects. Some candidates who are rejected due to over weight and under weight. In such cases candidates can re-apply or can appeal for review medical process.

  • Temporary rejected candidates can appeal for Review Medical Process
  • But those candidates who get temporarily rejected must appeal within 42 days
  • while Permanently rejected candidates can appeal for Review Process within 21 days.

How To Prepare For Army Medical Exam

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when the Army Medical Test is commencing for the candidates who have cleared Army Physical Test and Army Written test. To prepare for Army Medical Test you just need to be fit. Eat healthy food, do not smoke and do not consume alcohol because then all your hard work will go in vain.

Keep your body clean by regularly bathing and removing hair from all the important parts which are going to be examined. But take special care for your eyes and ears because you may  get rejected just by a small scratch in your ear. Some tips are given below on how to take care of your eyes and ears for Army Medical Test for All Trades.

How To Take Care of Eyes For Army Medical Test

  • First thing is sleep early and wake up early and do not disturb your biological clock
  • Do not use bright screens for long hours and especially in the dark lights
  • Eat healthy food and fresh vegetables for good health of eyes
  • e.g. green leafy vegetables, oranges, sweet potatoes, etc.
  • If you use spectacles then try reading books/ charts/ banners with out specs once in a day, this technique can be a very good exercise for your eyes

How To Take Care of Ears For Army Medical Test

  • First and foremost thing is that do not use ear buds to clean your ears instead, go to doctor
  • Do not listen songs in high volumes in ear phones and head phones
  • If you have any ear aches then consult a doctor, do not use anything without prescription
  • Do not let water remain in your ear because it can cause multiple problems
  • Do regular exercise for healthy ears because exercise helps in pumping blood to every part of the body

What you should do?

Please carefully read all the points mentioned on Indian Army GD Medical criteria and start preparing for your medical examinations months before it is conducted. Do not take it for granted, work hard for it this is the motto of the military and life itself.

We post articles related to Indian Army GD and how to crack the physical, written and medical tests every day. Keep following us for even great content ahead which surely helps you get into the Indian Army.

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