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Strategy and Tips to Prepare for NDA 2021 Written Examination in 1 month

National Defence Academy (NDA) Examination is scheduled in April 2021. This means that there is very less time remaining for this exam. If you haven’t started your preparation for NDA Exam yet, you are lagging behind. But, not you worry! Here you will see how to prepare for NDA 2021 Exam in 1 month.

In this article, I will give you most simple and effective strategy on How can you prepare for National Defence Academy (NDA) Exam in 30 Days. This is basically for candidates who have not yet prepared anything for the exam yet. But, everyone who wants to maximize his preparation effectively and ultimately crack the NDA Exam 2021.

Check NDA 2021 Exam Dates and Eligibility Criteria

About Indian Defence Forces and National Defence Academy

Where there is a will, there is a way, they say. 1 month is a very short period of time if you plan to beat lakhs of students and grab those top seats to clear the NDA Exam. However, if you are disciplined enough and have been aware of News and happenings around you, lately you only need a month to crack the NDA Exam with a very high merit.

For all those 12th Pass students who want to join Indian Defence Forces through NDA, first should know what exactly is NDA and how Indian Defence Forces pick the gems out of the crowd to safeguard the territories of Indian sub-continent.

NDA (National Defence Academy) is one of the prestigious Academies that belongs to Indian Armed Forces. The sole purpose of this Academy is to recruit and train Young Officers in the Indian Armed Force for the hardcore battles and unmanned territories of India.

India, a subcontinent, whose landscape is unfamiliar to most of the countries around the world. With water on 3 sides and high altitude mountains on the 4th, India shares border with 7 other countries. Such huge border areas need strong as well as intelligent soldiers who can keep the situation under control 24X7. Apart from this, Indian Armed Forces consist of Engineers, Doctors, Pilots, Architects and what not.

To recruit people on such high posts, UPSC conducts NDA Exam 2 times every year. Intermediate of 10+2 is the minimum qualification to appear in this examination. UPSC conducts the NDA exam for the Indian students to test their eligibility to join any of the 3 wings of the defense services namely Army, Navy and Airforce.

NDA/NA Exam 2021: Complete Exam Pattern and Syllabus

NDA Exam gives young school pass outs a chance to join Indian Armed Forces as an officer and an opportunity to lead a battalion or a company. Candidates clearing NDA Exam get recruited as Lieutenant in Indian Army, Flying Officer in Indian Airforce and Sub-Lieutenant in Indian Navy.

To Clear the NDA Exam, a candidate has to Pass through 3 Phases or stages. The first stage is the NDA Written Examination, which is conducted by UPSC twice a year. You can read about whole NDA Exam Selection Process here.

NDA Exam 2021 Details: Subjects, Marks and Duration

NDA Exams are conducted for two times in a year. The exams are again soon approaching. Before developing any strategy to clear the examination, it is necessary to know the syllabus for any examination.

NDA Exam 2021 Details
SubjectsNo. of QuestionsDurationMarks
General Ability Test (English+ GK)1502.5 Hours600
Mathematics120 2.5 Hours 300
SSB Interview5 Days900

NDA Exam 2021: Syllabus and Important Topics

NDA entrance exam paper is a multi-choice question paper. The syllabus and topics asked in NDA Exam are typically from Class 12th Syllabus. This doesn’t mean that only 12th class topics are asked in the examination.

The syllabus of NDA Exam is confined to some particular topics only. If a candidate wants to secure maximum marks in the NDA Exam then he must practice the following listed topics.

Syllabus for NDA EXAM
Mathematics Trigonometry, Algebra, Determinants, Matrices, Vector Algebra, Differential calculus, Integral calculus, Statistics and Probability, Analytical Geometry
General Ability Test English (Vocabulary and Grammar), General Knowledge related to History, Geography, General Science, Current events, Physics, Chemistry

Best Tips To Prepare For NDA General Ability Exam 2021 in one month

Those who want to score marks to get a seat for Airforce or Navy SSB (Airforce and Navy cutoff for SSB are higher than Army) can use the General Ability Paper as a tool. The reason is that this section is highly scoring and any candidate with normal intelligence can get above 500 marks in this test.

The General Ability Test has 150 questions in total divided into two sub-sections English and General Knowledge.

Tips to Prepare for NDA English Paper

English Grammar is a must if you are preparing for any government exam like NDA, CDS or AFCAT. You just need a good English Grammar Book that have all those important Grammar Rules. If you ask me, I would suggest you one of the most recommended books i.e. Wren and Martin.

English section contains 50 questions asked mostly form Grammar and Vocabulary forms a major part of it. It carries a total of 200 marks that means a question is of 4 marks.

To practice for NDA English Paper:

  1. Jot down all the significant grammar topics like Voice, Speech, Tenses etc.
  2. Pick a topic and give time to each topic separately even if you think that you already are good at it..
  3. Try to learn at least 5-6 new English words daily. If you aspire to be an Officer, then you must know that only the most commonly used words are asked in the NDA Exam.
  4. Learning words can be difficult. So, try to use learned words in your day to day sentences.
  5. Read Newspaper Daily. Focus on the writing rhythm and new words used. This will also help you in the GK section.
  6. Attempt NDA English Sample Papers and Online Test to keep in pace with the latest trends.

Tips to Prepare for NDA General Knowledge Test

General Knowledge never ends. The more you learn, their is more to learn. Current Affairs are the most important part of this test and 30-40% of questions are from recent news and happenings.

Apart from this, candidates having an upper hand in the static GK (History, Geography etc.) section always has an advantage. For 1 month preparation, Pick up any Latest GK Book and remember the significant events and questions and try to repeat those as much as you can.

For suggestion, you can use lucent’s GK book. This book is not for those who like to read in detail but you can figure out dates and important questions in this book easily.

The GK section of NDA Written Exam contains 100 questions which carry 400 marks in total. This is to test the candidates’ knowledge about the country and the world.

To grasp the India and the world general knowledge, you must follow these steps in the following one month:

  1. Read any National Daily newspaper (Preferably English). This will help you English Paper too.
  2. Also, watch News Channel debates. You can watch CNN for television or can watch Alzajeera Online.
  3. Don’t go for full GK syllabus rather prepare some topics in detail. You will always find questions from each topic.
  4. Use NCERT 9th to 12th Books to grab concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  5. Prepare Hand-Made notes for each topics.
  6. Questions related to Indian Armed Forces are being asked in the latest GK papers. Hence, you should also be aware of recent deals and MOUs of Indian Army, Navy and Airforce.
  7. Don’t forget to solve NDA Previous Years Papers. You can Take sectionwise Online Tests and Full length tests too.

Tips To Prepare For NDA Mathematics Paper in one month

The syllabus under Mathematics is huge and requires more than 1 month in all. If you wish to do maximum questions from this section than you need to be in practice. But in 1 month, you can prepare important topics such as Application of Derivates, Integration, Maxima and Minima, and Relation and Function.

Most of the questions asked in the NDA Exam are direct and do not require additional tricks to be solved. But you need to practice to beat the speed of others. 100 questions form Maths Paper are lengthy to solve and if you are not in practice then your lot of time would be wasted.

Rather, skip those questions that you find hard to unpracticed. Go for questions from your domain (favoured topics). Since there is always a negative marking of 1/4, I will suggest you not to use hit and trial method. Attempt lesser questions but with 100% accuracy.

Some tips for you to prepare for NDA Mathematics Exam in 1 month:

  1. Learn Important formulae, theorems, most asked questions from NDA Sample Papers. Write all important formulae on a paper and paste it near your study table or bed.
  2. Clear your basics first. This will hardly take 10 days to be on the track.
  3. Once your basics are clear, use latest NDA Sample and Past Papers. Try to solve all questions in a go. Check for mistakes once you are done.
  4. Use some trick to lessen your timings. But if you can’t remember tricks, no worries.
  5. Not down your timings and accuracy from Day 1.
  6. If you can, purchase any NDA Exam Book for overall preparation of syllabus.
  7. Time is important. Divide your day for each subject. Give more time to subject you are week at.

Last Minute Tips for NDA Written Exam 2021

For serious NDA aspirants, time is the key. Effective Time management skills and smart techniques can make you an officer in Indian Defence Force. Be Prepared for that.

Be consistent in your efforts and never lose hope. There are ample number of chances for you to crack the NDA Exam. Every Minute counts. Last minutes are important too.

Here are some last moments suggestions for NDA Exam aspirants:

  1. Last minute nervousness is very common. Don’t let this nervousness overtake your preparation.
  2. To keep yourself calm, take a good rest a day before the examination. Refresh yourself by listening to some music or watching a movie.
  3. Revise the notes prepared. Give atleast 3-4 days to revision.
  4. Get your admit card printed in advance. Keep necessary stationary ready.
  5. Reach the examination hall 10-15 minutes before time.
  6. Pay attention to Instructions provided.
  7. Don’t waste time in questions. First do questions you are sure at. Later, comeback to other questions.
  8. Never Use guess or Hit Trial method to solve questions. If you know it, do it or Leave it.
  9. Try to dodge the negative marks.
  10. Sometimes, options are very close and look similar. Be attentive in answering the questions.
  11. Never leave stray marks on the answer sheet.

Some Bonus Thoughts for NDA Exam

For the freshers of NDA Exam, the first time can be challenging but that is what Indian Armed Forces need you to be. The job of an NDA Officer is not easy and requires sheer dedication with effective intelligence. So, why start late?

You can clear NDA Examination in your first attempt is you are disciplined and pretty much sure about your choice of career and life. Defence Forces of India is the height of adventure in life, the organisation that shapes your present and your future.

The only organisation that let you drive big tanks and supersonic place in real. The only place where you can pursue sports and represent India on International Platforms.

The only organisation that doesn’t only take care of you but your family too. Giving the best of education to its officers and their children. Providing world class heath facilities at doorstep and what not.

All this just to be able to showcase your leadership skills at severe moments and to nurture the protection with the motto ‘Service Before Self’.

But, this all does not come easy and you have to maintain dedication and keep your preparation at par with thousand other aspiring candidates. The only thing that you have to believe is that your competition lies within yourself and you have to beat it every moment.