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How To Prepare for Indian Army Job in 2022- Complete Details and Tips

Indian Army is the most sought profession for Indian Youngsters. The aspirants who want to dedicate their life to mother India has this great opportunity to join Indian Army. How to prepare for Indian Army is asked almost by everyone.

There are tons of other reasons to join Indian Army like food facilities, canteen facilities and Indian Army Salary. But, just like other fields, the competition has taken many people’s dream of being in one of the biggest military of the world.

In this article, I shall be helping you on how to prepare for Indian Army. Not just that I will give you a detailed information on Indian army and will try to answer questions of aspirants like you who want to get a jobs in Indian Army.

To all those who want to join Indian Army as Officer, I have written another article. In this article, I will focus on the aspirants who want to join Indian Army as a Soldier.

The Selection Process of Indian Army has changed a lot in recent years be it the qualification percentage or the timings of the Run. There are high chances of being knocked out of the competition at every stage. Hence, you should Prepare for Indian Army GD in advance.

You can join Indian Army through following Ways:

  1. After Class 10th: Soldier GD, Soldier Tradesmen
  2. After Class 12th: Soldier CLERK, Technical, Nursing, NDA, TES
  3. After Graduation: Education Havildar, Religious Teacher, CDS, TGC

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This article is only for the serious candidates who want to join Indian Army . If you are one of them, read this article to the end. You will find everything you need to join Indian Army.

Here are the Steps on How to Prepare for Indian Army GD Rally:

  1. Keep all Documents Ready.
  2. Look for Job Opportunities.
  3. Start Physical Preparation 6 months before the Rally.
  4. Prepare for Written Exam Simultaneously.
  5. Change Routine 1 month before the exam.
  6. Keep Yourself Medically Fit.

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How to Prepare for Indian Army: Document Process

Step 1: Organize your Documents

Believe it or not but I have seen many aspirants getting failed in Indian Army Recruitment Rally because of the lack of required documents. Aspirants think that only the Run is important and once they clear the run, documents will be taken care of.

This approach is wrong, Documents are the first thing that you should keep a check on. In the rally, if you clear the run and other tests and failed to provide relevant document in the prescribed time, you will be disqualified.

भारतीय सेना भर्ती रैली में आपको निम्न डाक्यूमेंट्स ले जाने होंगे:

  1. 10th Pass Cerificate and Marksheet
  2. 12th Pass Certificate and Marksheet (for 12th pass)
  3. Domicile (मूल निवास ) issued by governing authority
  4. Caste Cerificate (जाति प्रमाण पत्र )
  5. Character Cerificate (चरित्र प्रमाण पत्र ) issued by school/college principal

I suggest you to go through the Full Army GD Document List 2022 and keep all necessary documents handy. If you are not having any document, get it made right now.

Note: Always check for mistakes in Name or Address and any other detail in the documents. All documents must be having your name spelled as it is in the 10th Marksheet otherwise you can be disqualified.

Important: Also, get all the documents photo copied. In the rally, you need the originals as well as the photo copy of every document.

Step 2: Look for Opportunities

Once you are ready with your documents, you can start your search for Latest Vacancies of Indian Army in your Zone.

You cannot miss opportunities as in 2022, every state will get only 1 rally per year. If you miss this chance, then you will have to wait the whole year for next notification.

Step 3: Apply for Indian Army Rally Bharti

You have to apply to Army Bharti online before the last date of the Application form. This is how you can apply for Army Bharti Online:

  1. You have to create an account on the Joinindianarmy website.
  2. Once registered, you can apply for the post you are eligible for.
  3. Fill all required details like personal details and education details correctly.
  4. Keep your Moblie with you as you will get an OTP.
  5. Submit your Application.

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Step 4: Army Recruitment Process 2022

After filling up the Online Application form, Indian Army Admit Cards are made available on the website. The next step is to take the print out of the admit card and reach the venue of Rally at the time mentioned on the admit card.

In the army selection process, the first test of candidates is the test of height. In this test, candidates are made to stand on a bar and their height is measured. If their height qualifies for the rally, then only they are admitted to the second test.

Know more about Army General Duty Height, Weight Test

Army Recruitment Process has two stages:

  1. Physical Test
  2. Written Exam Test

You have to carry your admit card and other documents with yourself to the rally ground. Keep in mind to intact your documents in a file.

The candidates are formed in a group of several hundreds (the number of candidates in a group are decided by the instructors).

The candidates qualifying the race are tested for chest, push-ups, zig-zag balance and the 9-feet ditch test.

The Document are tested afterwards. The candidates having problems in documents are given a time-period in which they have to submit required document. Candidates having no such problems are sent for medicals.

Further, a written test is organised in a future date and a merit list is prepared for the same. The marks of the physical test and the written test are calculated in the merit list.

Candidates who gets a name in the merit list are called for Training in Indian Army.

How to Prepare for Indian Army Physical Fitness Test and 1.6 Km Race Tips

The physical test as I already told is a test of Physical capability of the candidates. Indian Army wants to hire only those candidates who have a good physical strength.

This is because the job of Indian Army Soldiers is mainly related to the physical work where the soldiers have to travel to secluded areas on food and have to survive in difficult conditions.

So, apart from height, weight and chest test, 1600m run is the biggest challenge faced by the candidates in the Army Selection Process. This is not as easy as it seem because running alone and running in between 100 other candidates is a completely different thing.

Tips to Prepare for Indian Army Running (1600m) | आर्मी भर्ती की दौड़ कैसे पास करें

  1. Start Practice for the run atleast 3 months before Bharti Rally.
  2. Be Consistent and don’t just practice for 1600m. Aim more every day.
  3. Choose a Time for Run and Stick to it (Morning is the best).
  4. Wear a comfortable and correct size running shoe.
  5. Practice on the grounds as well as on roads.
  6. Don’t forget to warm up. Give 5 minutes to stretching too.
  7. Keep yourself hydrated before and after the run.
  8. Push yourself for goal but don’t hurt yourself.

Just like I said before, there are 100 other candidates running besides you in the rally. So, what is that which will take you among the first finishers. You might know that there are 60 marks for the candidates who secures a place in Group I of the race.

There are no superpowers. Every other person running there is just like you but there is something different that those future soldiers do. Here are some:

Ask yourself- Do you really want to be a Soldier?

Many candidates who apply for the Indian Army Soldier Rally are not sure about the reason why they are filling the form. Some do it because of their family and some do it just because their friend is doing so.

Take decision for yourself. Ask yourself why you want to be a soldier and if you find a reason for that, you have already won half the battle.

Consistency is what you need

Observe an ant. Ants find its way no matter what and do not give up until it is done. Be like it.

Not that you have a reason to be a soldier, you don’t have time for anything else. Throw those blankets away, put on your shoes and Start Running.

Start with shorter distances, you can’t be a superman in 1 day. The key here is to build up strength because running 1600m is not an easy task. Run 50metres more every day and 1 month you will be running 1600m very smoothly.

The next step will be to beat the time limit of 5 min and 20 seconds that you will get in the Bharti Rally.

But, you miss a day and you have to start over again. So, whenever you feel like taking a day off, remind yourself the reason why you want to join Indian Army.

Use Internet for You Aim

Almost everyone is having a smartphone. Even if you don’t, use someone else’s phone to use Internet.

Find Videos and Tips to Boost Physical Stamina from the Internet. Use proven methods to Build Strength. Do not fall for luring Supplements or Medications.

Eat Good, Drink Great

Take care of your eating habits. Don’t take too much fatty foods. Take foods rich in Carbohydrates and Proteins. Prefer Salad over Chicken at nights.

Keep yourself hydrated. Believe it or not, water is your best friend right now. Drink atleast 4 litres of water in a day. Also, drink vegetable and fruit juices with a light diet in daytime.

Follow this Indian Army Physical Routine to Prepare for 1.6 mile Run

Tips to Run on the Indian Army Rally Day | भर्ती रैली की दौड़ के वक़्त ये बातें ध्यान में रखें

On the rally bharti day, you should reach the venue ground 1 hour before the time mentioned time on the admit card.

This is because the number of aspirants is huge and there is always a situation of hap-hazard in the ground.

The candidates try to be in the front so as to avoid the rush. But, this is actually not necessary. I have witnessed a lot of candidates who started from the middle of the crowd yet managed too be among the first to cross the finishing line.

  • Keep Calm. The more you hurry, the lesser the chances to complete the Run.
  • Take light diet 20 minutes before the run and some water.
  • Take a start and maintain a consistent pace in the first 2 rounds.
  • Try to breath in through your mouth and exhale through the nose.
  • Push yourself in the last 2 rounds.
  • Run closer to the inner side of the track. No zig-zag movements.
  • Do not push others, this is just wastage of energy.

I have seen many candidates running bare-footed. This is not good. You could be injured. The run is generally organized in grounds and there may be stones or glass lying. So, make sure to run with a nice pair of shoes.

Last round is very important, 1/3 of the crowd gives up in the first 3 rounds. There is enough space to run. Therefore, push yourself harder and aim for Group 1.

How to Prepare for Indian Army- Written Exam

Once you have cleared the Phase 1 i.e. the Indian Army Physical Exam, you will be called for Indian Army Written Exam which is generally after 1 month from the rally date.

1 month time is very less for preparation of Indian Army Written exam, that’s why you should prepare for this exam from the day 1 of your preparation.

But, even if you have not prepared for the exam yet, you can make a strict schedule to get through it.

For that, you should be aware of the Indian Army GD Full Syllabus. There are 4 subjects in Indian Army Written Test that you need to prepare:

  1. General Knowledge
  2. Mathematics
  3. General Science
  4. Reasoning

Army GD Exam comprises of these 4 subjects and 1 hour time is given to answer 50 questions. The total marks allotted for the exam is 100 marks.

The Indian Army Paper Format for other posts such as Clerk, Nursing and Technical is different. So, you must check the latest Indian Army Exam Format of All Posts.

The syllabus is vast and hence you need time to memorize the things. General knowledge has the maximum percentage (about 40%) and then General Science (30%). Mathematics now has a share of only 20% after the addition of some Reasoning Questions(10%) in the exam.

Here are some Tips to Prepare for Indian Army Written Exam:

  • Make a weekly Time Table.
  • Give more Time to Hard Subjects
  • Memorize at night, Practice in the day.
  • Start with Easy Topics.
  • Use Tricks to remember important Days and Dates.
  • Read a Newspaper (national daily) thoroughly.
  • Make notes of important topics.

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Indian Army Written Exam Preparation- Points to Remember

Keep Yourself Updated

Since, you are appearing for an exam in which most marks are fetched by General Knowledge, you should keep yourself updated of the latest happenings in India and Abroad.

Keep notes of Important Military Deals and News. Follow a good newspaper or a TV news channel for it. Watch news in the night and Read Newspaper in the morning.

If you can afford a weekly magazine, make use of it. Also, we have prepared the list of Most Important Books for Indian Army that can help you to know and prepare for the exam.

Free yourself from Distractions

Distractions are everywhere. You need to find a peaceful and calm place where you can study. Keep your Mobile switch-off or in silent mode while studying.

Even if you are busy, take time out of your nights when no one’s around and focus on your Time Table you made. Try to stick to it.

Link Things to yourself

Because of the vast syllabus, it becomes difficult to remember details such as Important Dates and Names.

For this, use the technique of linking to the things that are around you. For example, if you want to remember the name of your stated CM, link his name to someone you know.

There are a lot of Tricks to Remember Important Days and Dates also. Just note down these tricks and repeat whenever you get the time.

Keep Yourself Alive

Preparation does not mean to break relation form everything and be confined to a closed room. Mix fun and Practice. Go new places, meet your friends. Discuss your issues with your family and teachers.

Meditate to keep your stress level in control. Be positive about everything. Don’t worry about the results, give your 100% in the Preparation and you can join Indian Army definitely.

If you follow these things, I can assure you that you will be able to crack the Indian Army GD Exam in the first attempt. Once, you are in Indian Army, you get a lot of Promotion Opportunities in Indian Army. Just Believe in Yourself and Start Today.

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Your suggestions are valuable to us. Please leave comments and your queries. We will be happy to help you in any way.

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