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How to Prepare for CBSE 12th Mathematics Board Exam in 20 days

CBSE 12th Mathematics is a concern of many students all over India right now. We got may queries regarding Tips to Prepare for Class 12th Mathematics for Board Exams. Although, now the time remaining for Board Exams is very less but if you have prepared other subjects and need too focus on Maths for some upcoming days, then you can use this Strategy to Prepare Mathematics for Board Exams.

Syllabus of 12th Maths is vast and requires a lot of time to grab the concepts. But, if you study logically then you can find some chapters in there that have a fair weightage of marks in Board Exam and are easy to understand.

Unit Wise Weightage and Marking Scheme of CBSE 12th Maths

Unit No.Topic NameMarks Weightage
1Relation and Functions10 marks
2Algebra13 marks
3Calculus44 marks
4Vectors and 3-D Geometry17 marks
5Linear Programming06 marks
6Probability10 marks
Total100 marks

NCERT Books are the most helpful books to prepare for CBSE Board Exams 2019. If you want to excel Class 12th Maths in this period of time then focus only on NCERT Maths Book. Almost all the questions that you will see in Board Exam can be found in this book.

As per the marking scheme of 12th Maths, the highest scoring chapter is Calculus. If you are good at at then this alone can help you pass the board exam. If not, then it is better to leave this one for now because Calculus is vast topic and have big chapters like Differentiation and Integrations which are hard to prepare even in a month’s time.

But if you are already familiar with Differentiation and Integration and find it interesting. Then, make this section strong by practicing as much as you can. Chapters like Differential Equation are summation of both Differentiation and Integration and you will see a lot of questions from this chapter.

Vector and 3D is also a scoring chapter but mainly for science students. You have to work hard to understand the concepts of this unit if you are non science student. This is because Science students study about Vectors in Physics also and they can co-relate the topics with those chapters of Physics. But overall these chapters are fine to prepare as these carry a good weightage of 17 marks in Board Exams. You will find a total of 6 questions from both these chapters.

Probability is good for gaining marks but it is a little bit tricky as it involves Calculus in many questions and you can attempt these only if you have a little idea about how Calculus works.

Chapter Wise Marking Scheme of Maths CBSE Class 12th

Here is the Chapter wise marking scheme of Class 12th Mathematics. You can see how many questions will come from a particular chapter and because the time remaining is very less, you have to focus on chapters that carry more marks but are not much lengthy to prepare.

1 Mark(VS)4 Mark(S)6 Mark(L)
Relation and Function11
Inverse Trigonometry11
Continuity and Differentiability2
Application of Derivatives111
App. of Integrals1
Differential Equations1
3-D Geometry111
Linear Programming1
Total Questions(29)10127

Matrices and Determinants are easy chapters and carry a weightage of 13 marks. There are only a few types of questions in these chapters and hence you can prepare it really fast.

Also, Chapter Relation and Function is almost ignored in front of big chapters like Vectors and Integration but preparing this cahpter at this moment can be a good decision for those who want to pass the CBSE Board Examination 2019.

The First 2 Units combines carries 23 marks and if you are prepared with these you only need 10 more marks to pass.

Linear Programming is also a short chapter and a 6 mark question is asked from this chapter. Get this chapter done before any other and 6 more marks are added to your total.

Then, go with probability if you want to skip Calculus. Probability alone carries 10 marks. 1 question of 4 marks and 1 of 6 marks are asked from it. Even if you are not able to get the 6 mark questions, prepare a 4 mark question first.

This way you will be able to atleast pass the 12th Board Exam 2019 if you haven’t prepared anything yet. But if you have prepared some chapters already then its a win win situation for you.

Chapter Wise Important Topics in Class 12th Maths

Unit 1: Relation and Function

The important topics from this unit are types of relation based, Composite function based, and inverse trigonometric functions.

Graphs are also crucial in this unit including the graph of inverse trigonometric functions and their properties. Range and Domain is also quite significant topics of this unit. This unit seems very easy at first but can confuse you so dedicate full attention to this topic f you want to score marks.

Unit 2: Matrices and Determinants

A 2 or 3 variable question from Adjoint and Inverse matrix is asked. You should prepare the row and column operations in Matrices and Determinants. Both these topics are very scoring and can be prepared in a day if you have some basic knowledge of Matrices.

Unit 3: Calculus

Calculus is mostly based on theorems and these are asked every year. So, it is good if you can prepare all these theorems.

The most important topics from this unit are continuity, differentiability, Rolle’s Theorem, Lagrange’s Theorem, derivative test, Maxima and Minima based questions, Integration, finding the area under simple curve, and the last but not the least Differential Equation.

Differential Equation is hardest yet most interesting topic of the whole syllabus. The Questions are considered very important including Order and Degree, Solving the differential equation, and many more.

Differential Equations questions are asked widely in Board Exams and if you can prepare this topic completely then you can get full marks in this topic.

Unit 4: Vectors and 3-D Geometry

The main topics of this unit are direction ratio of a vector, position vector, and scalar product of vectors, cross products and scalar triple product.

From 3D Geometry, you have to prepare the types of lines including skew lines and co-planar lines. Vector equation and planes are also in the list of mainly asked questions.

Unit 5: Linear Programming

Linear Programming is very typical chapter. The important areas are Formulation of LP Problems and Graphical method to solve various problems in 2 variables.

Unit 6: Probability

Probability is an off-beat chapter. This chapter is used to check your analytical skill. Conditional probability, probability distribution, Baye’s Theorem and Binomial distribution are chief topics of this last unit of your syllabus. Questions based on Mean and Variance is also asked in previous year CBSE Exams.

Strategy for Preparing Class 12th Board Maths Exam

The Exam of Mathematics carries full 100 marks and thus it becomes one of the most scoring subjects in CBSE 12th. Your marks are not dependable on School Teachers or any projects. Students good in mathematics can get even 100 out of 100 in this subject.

Exam Pattern and the level of questions in CBSE Board Exams do not change much. On top of that, almost all questions are asked from NCERT Maths Book. There is only a limited number of questions in the NCERT so if you really want to prepare, you can prepare almost every question for the upcoming Board Exams.

Important Topics that carry maximum marks in 12th Maths Board Exam

Here I am listing that topis from each unit from which most of the questions are asked every year in CBSE Board Exams. If you prepare these topics alone then you can prepare 80% of the Maths Board Exam 2019.

1. Equivalence Relations, Composite functions, Domain and Range of all trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions.

The unit-1 and unit-2 is more of practice than of concepts. If there is time, you must practice 2 or 3 reference books but only after solving all questions from NCERT Book.

2. Matrices, Inverse of Matrix, Solving Linear equation with determiners are very important and scoring topics.

The questions are easy but tricky. If you have practiced enough then a problem on 4X4 matrix may take your 10-15 minutes. And if by chance you did a simple mistake somewhere in between then you cannot waste time in finding it. The better way is to either leave it or do the whole sum again.

3. Calculus having the largest weightage is the biggest unit in Class 12th and requires atleast 3 months to complete if you practice those extra questions. If you haven’t studied this unit yet it is better to leave it aside because it will take your time only. Rather you can focus on other topics.

Integration, Differentiation, Differential Equations etc. forms this unit. Chapters like Application of Derivatives have the maximum weightage of marks.

4. Linear Programming is generally the simplest question of the paper. You can easily earn 5 marks from this unit. Just give it a try and get full marks.

5. Vector and 3D require extra practice for arts and commerce students. Vectors are easier to solve for science background students. This unit is scoring once you understand the concepts.

6. Probability is quite tough for most of the students. But luckily the questions asked are very straight and easy. You can find a theorem in your exam paper.

Last Minute Tips to Prepare for CBSE 12th Maths Board Exam

  • You can find many sample paper and previous year paper books to revise the syllabus at the end.
  • Make a diary of all formulas, theorems, graphs and properties of determiners and keep revising again and again till your D-day
  • Math is not a learning subject and hence the more you practice a topic the more you get to understand it. Your first choice should always be NCERT Book and when you are done with it you can get reference books to solve more questions.
  • R.D Sharma, Together With, ML Khanna are the most sought after reference books for practice math for class 12.
  • Don’t go for big topics like Differentiation and Integration, rather prepare short subjects first like Probability and Matrices.
  • In Calculus, see the chapter wise weightage above and focus on chapters that carry maximum marks like Application of Derivatives and Differential Equations.
  • Practice almost all the theorems. Atleast 2-3 theorems will be asked in CBSE 12th Maths Board Exam 2019.

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