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How to Prepare for CBSE 10th Board Exams in 15 Days

15 days! It is almost the end of the 2018-19 session and little less than 15 days are remaining in the Board Examination 2019. This is the time to polish what you have prepared and your stuff should be ready to serve after these 15 days. But, if you haven’t been able to gather all the books and lick every page of NCERT, then this is where you can find the best 15 days strategy to prepare for the Board Exams.

This is not actually the strategy on How to Prepare for Board Exams in 15 days but rather a final nail on coffin. Here I am going to share with you an experienced and self-tested process that can help you a lot in these last 15 days.

Although, I don’t promise that you will get 90% or not with this but this will surely help you to atleast pass the Board Exams with great marks. If you haven’ t opened the book the whole year then this will not help you. But, if you have been in touch with studies even in the past few months then this can prove to be the lotus in the mud.

In this article, I will discuss with you about the most important chapters of Class 10th and how can you get those 5 and 6 marks questions right. I will also tell you about How to Write Answers that Examiners like. I will share with you what CBSE 10th Toppers do differently and why Class 10th Sample Papers are important.

Why 15 days are enough for CBSE Board Preparation?

If you want it, you will have it. Great words but does it really mean something? Obviously yes. For Board Examination, this fits perfectly. Last 15 days are very important for Board students and students should invest these days carefully with planning.

Each day is important but we are one night fighters, right! We read books make notes and practice a little the whole year because there is a lot of time to spare. But, everything changes in the last 15 days and our actual preparation starts now.

CBSE 10th syllabus is not that wide and each subject hardly has 5 units in it and if you are in practice then each chapter will hardly take 2 hours to complete. Here I am taking about NCERT Books and not any help books or anything.

Board Exam Paper will be set from NCERT and therfore I suggest only NCERT books for this time of the year. But, to prepare for Boards in 15 days I will not tell you to pick up those books and read. Instead, I have added some really helpful pattern below that will make you complete the whole syllabus in 15 days easily.

This is the time for finishing what you have in your mind and even if you haven’t anything these 15 days can change that for you. Read this full article as I have added last 15 days Routine and Important chapters of all subjects that you can prepare in these days to get some marks in your marksheet.

Not 15 Days but 15 Days and 15 Nights

Yes, you read it right. If at this time you want to sleep for 8 hours and then want a bed-tea then I am sorry I can’t help you with anything. These 15 days are not just days but include 15 nights too.

The nights are more important than days at this time. Days are disturbing. With so much going around, it is very hard to focus and concentrate. Therefore, I request you to shake hands with nights. It’s really easy to study at night compared to daytime.

If you really want those extra marks then don’t use nights for texting or sleeping too much. Cut short your unnecessary habits that wastes time. Remember these 15 days will not come again but the marks you will get in CBSE 10th Board Exams will remain with you for the rest of the life.

Sleep but not more than 4 hours in the night, you can sleep for an hour or 2 in the day time instead. Let go of Facebook and Instagram. Save those pictures for later. If you fail, those people liking your pictures today will blame you tomorrow. So, let go of such things right away.

Use Internet for help but only for those things that you can’t find offline. Do not let Internet ruin your ability to think or to find an answer. Infact, you can find everything related to CBSE Board Exams offline so it is better to shut it down for some days.

NCERT Books or Alternative Guides?

None. This is not the time to gather a pile of books around you and vanish in between. Instead act Smart. These books will confuse you more with the matter written in there. 15 days are very less to learn and understand that amount of data that took teachers 1 year to teach you.

What you have to do is to approach these chapters differently. What I suggest is to follow Question Based Approach to cover each chapter.

Question Based Approach is basically understanding and learning chapters through its questions. This is very helpful because it benefits in two ways.

One, questions have the core of the chapters and directly learning questions and their answers will save you the time of reading chapter page by page. Second, since Board Papers are made from NCERT, there are high chance of these questions to appear in the Board Exam exactly.

Go through NCERT questions chapter by chapter. Focus on the chapters which have a high weightage in the Board Exam. You can find Class 10th Chapter Wise Marking Scheme here.

Then use any other books that have those extra Chapter Wise Important Questions. Class 10th Chapters don’t have that much questions and if you allot the Time to Subject according to the Study Plan given above then you will be able to cover most of the Important Chapters in next 15 days.

Practice with Sample Papers and Guess Papers

The most important thing is Practice here. When you are done with some chapters and are confident that you can answer atleast 50% of the questions that you have learnt then move on to practice CBSE 10th Sample Papers. You can download highly researched Class 10th Sample Papers from our website too.

Model Paper questions are highly recommendable at this time because these contain exactly same CBSE 10th Exam Pattern for Boards. Even more, it contains the most probable questions for Boards. Practice atleast 10-15 Practice Papers in these last 15 days to prepare for Boards.

It does not matter that how many questions you answer correctly in these Sample Papers but what matter is how many questions you prepare for boards from them.

Also, Keep a look at the Board Toppers Answer Sheets that gives you exact idea about the Model Answers for Board Exams 2019. From there, you will know that what type of answers are preferred in Boards and how much you should write in a particular questions. Do not take these Toppers Answer Sheet for granted, these are just to take an idea because it can vary with the level of Board Exam questions.

10 Board Exam Tips that can Change your Life in 15 days

Tips won’t actually matter until you want it to happen. First make up your mind that you are ready to challenge yourself and you will let go of your laziness and procrastination. This is one and final time for you to shape your future and change your life for good.

This is the first decision that you are taking for life. So, follow these 10 highly recommended tips to Prepare for Board Exams in 15 days.

  1. Maximize your Study Time. Dedicate 16-18 hours a day to study.
  2. Change Subject every 4 hours and use 1 hour out of 4 hours to revise what you learnt in last 3.
  3. First go through all NCERT questions before moving to more questions on any other books.
  4. Try to finish a chapter in average of 2 hours so that you devote some time for revision and solving Practice Papers.
  5. Solve 1 Full Length Model Paper for each subject daily (5 subjects means 5 model papers daily).
  6. Use Night hours to learn and day time for Practice.
  7. Practice by writing. Learn some questions and then try to write them down. This will make you remember these questions for longer time.
  8. Also practice Map work and Diagrams as these are helpful in fetching marks easily.
  9. Use Marking Scheme to find out most important chapters and focus on them as some chapters carry more weightage than others.
  10. Focus on chapters that you feel confident in, don’t waste time in understanding a chapter that carry less weightage and is hard to learn.

Bonus Tip: Focus more on 5-6 marks questions. These questions are mostly theory based and are easy to learn. Plus Take Full Length CBSE 10th Guess Papers 2019 to test yourself for CBSE Board Exam 2019 at last.

What is your Next Step?

Shut your mobile or PC off on which you are reading this answer and Pick your Books ups. Kidding.

Plan your days. Use any of the above tips that you like and sort your days out according to the routine given above. 15 days is a very less time for whole syllabus, hence, pick chapters first. List down all the chapters that you are going to learn first and download all NCERT Chapters in your mind.

This may sound impossible but you have to let go of all distractions as soon as possible. Every minute is important and if you spend your time wisely, you can be ready for Board Exams in the next 15 days.

Did this article helped you sorting some things out? Do comment and share your thoughts. If you have any other problem or questions regarding Board Exams 2019, you can ask it too.

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