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HOTS Most Probable Questions For CBSE 10 Board Exam 2019- All Subjects

There are always some selected topics in every subject which are repeatedly asked in CBSE board exams. Students can get the advantage of this fact by preparing such topics best.

CBSE Class 10th hots (most important) questions for all subjects are available here. Every student can get the hots question of each subject.

CBSE board exams are just one week away now and the anxiety of students for their board exam is quite common and obvious. In these last days of preparation, students who are still thinking that the preparation he/she has done is not enough to score good marks, these hots questions can pleasure you with quiet relaxation.

What are HOTS 2019? Most Probable Chapters and Topics for Board Exam 2019

Hot questions are the collection of most important questions of each chapter which tends to get asked in CBSE board exams. If there is any chance that most of the questions that the question paper carry is out of your preparation then there will be some questions that you have definitely prepared for if you go through these hot questions. And you can at least pass the exam with the help of these hot questions.

In order to get maximum marks in the upcoming board exam, every student needs to prepare 100% for each subject. But this is not a child’s play to learn and remember the vast syllabus of each subject along with their many theories, complicated diagrams and numerical.

According to the Exam experts, the 30 % or even more of the questions of the CBSE board are the repeated and selected questions.

Hence, this is to be suggested to every student of CBSE Board class 10th “Do not miss” this golden chance of getting more with less work done.

Most Important Topics and Questions for Class 10 Science, Maths, Social Science, English and Hindi

Here, you will get the most selected topics of all subjects of CBSE class 10th along with their important questions. The subjects of CBSE Board class 10th are; Science, Maths, Social studies, English, Hindi, and computer.

All the above-mentioned subjects carry the vast syllabus along with a large number of different topics, their respective questions, diagrams numerical and graphics. This is really a big task for every board student to do the best in all subjects as the syllabus is very dense and contains a large number of topics inside it.

Hence, every student needs to go smartly at these last moments of CBSE board exam by only picking up the most important questions out of the vast syllabus. This can be only done when you know what questions are likely to ask in the Board exam.

You can get all the important questions of all your subjects here. Just click on the below provided links to go through the hots questions of the particular subject.

Class 10 Must Practice Diagrams/Theorems/Maps for Board Exam 2019

Along with the theories there are some selected diagrams of some particular topics, important theorems of some famous personalities or scientists and places to be filled in National or international map.

Subjects like physics and biology in science and mathematics and computer ask to draw well labeled diagrams of some selected topics, Physics, mathematics and economics in science contain the questions of numerical and graphics, and Social studies includes the Map of India or the world.

Practicing these questions along with the theories will increase the probability of doing better in board exam.

Get the most important diagram/ theorems and map questions for each subject by clicking on above provided links and practice them as many time as you can. This is going to be a masterstroke in your overall performance in upcoming board exam.