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Tips to Crack Army GD Physical Test in 1st Attempt

Want to Crack Army Soldier Gd Physical Test in 1 attempt? In this article, I am going to share with you the most essential tips that are going to help you in getting selected in Indian Army as a soldier. This is especially for those candidates who have only 1 chance left to apply for Army Bharti Rally. As you know the selection procedure of Army GD only allows young candidates aged between 17.5 years to 21 years, to be eligible for Army GD Bharti, therefore, it is very important that you do not miss any chance of Army Bharti.

In This Article

The Indian Army is the third largest army in the world and every Indian must think once in his life to be a part of this force. Even big people like Sachin Tatendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni have also been a part of the Indian Army. They have been included in Special Forces for their outstanding achievent and yet they perform their duties every year like a normal soldier every year for few months. But, not all are lucky enough to get this easy in Indian Armed Forces.

There have been many such soldiers in the history of India, who earned a name in other fields through the army. In this, the name of Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore is the most worshiped, who elevated India’s name in the Olympic Games.

If you also have a dream to become a military in the Indian Army, then you have to leave laziness and start preparing from today itself. The Indian Army not only gives you a good career but also teaches you a unique way to live. While on one hand you protect your country, the army also gives you ample opportunities for the protection and development of your family.

If you want to join Indian Army then you must be aware of the fact that Army Soldier Physical Fitness Test is the 1st Test that you have to pass and everybody knows that if you qualify physical test with Excellent Marks, then you have very high chances to get your name in the Merit List.

Hence, here I am going to share with you the most important techniques that many selected Soldiers used while preparing for their Bharti Rally Physical Test. So, Read carefully.

Physical Test examination is the most important exam for the you if you want to join Indian Army as a soldier. You cannot prepare for army recruitment rally in 1 day. Nowadays, its not as easy to join Indian Army, as you see in movies or hear from some old retired ex-servicemen.

Candidates come in thousands on the Rally ground and it is only a few that makes it to the merit list. Almost 70% of the candidates are out in this stage and their dream of getting admitted in the Indian Army remains a dream. So, what to do to get selected in the Army GD Exam in 1st Attempt?

In this article, I will share with you many such methods and suggestions that will prove to be effective in passing the Army Recruitment Examination in the first place. If you want to join the Indian Army and name your country and your country, then start from today and implement the things that I can tell you in this article.

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How to Prepare for Indian Army Physical Fitness Test: Daily Routine

For the youngsters applying for Indian Army GD Bharti this year, we took the initiative of bringing some major tips. Every few months, Indian Army organise Bharti Rallies for candidates who are looking to be a part of Indian Army and conduct Physical Test to selected only the fittest of the available who can go through the tough Army Training and be ready to face enemies across the Borders 24×7.

1600m Running Test in Army Soldier Physical Test: The Biggest Hurdle

The fear of most candidates the very first Test that is conducted in Bharti Rally. Candidates practice months and years to get perfect in the Run. Every practice gets to an end when hundreds of aspirants run together on the soil. Even some get wounded during this Test, especially first-timers, only because they never have been in the situation where people are so filled with great energy to get selected and get a job in Indian Army.

It is not your normal 1-mile racing. You compete with hundred others who are ready to push, pull and what not, to get ahead in the race. You will have to endure pain in every joint of your body to nail this race. Only months of disciplined practice will allow you to get it done amidst of the thousands of others that are trying to outrace you every second until the race goes.

If you thinks that you have practiced enough to complete the race in 5 min 30 seconds mark, then think again. The Time taken to complete in the actual race never matches with your time when you have practiced alone. There are great runners who looks so thin and weak but it is there hardcore practice that get them selected in the Army Bharti Race.

Here, I am sharing with you a Daily Routine Time Table that can get you in the first finishers of the 1.6 km run and all other Physical Test that are carried by Indian Army. In this table, your whole day’s work and practice is given. Remember, there is no need to push hard at starting. Go slow and give yourself some time before you get into the whole routine.

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Follow this Daily Time Table to Clear Army GD Physical Test

ActivityTime Table
Morning Routine
Wake up4:00 am sharp
Running1 hour
(Pull-ups, long jump, push-ups)
1 hour
Meditation30 minutes
Evening Routine
Running1 hour
Exercise (Pull-ups, ball throw, stretching )1 hour
Healthy Snacks( Vegetables Juice, fresh fruits)
Dinner8 pm
Sleep10 pm

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How I cleared the Army GD Physical Test in 1st Attempt

The easier it seems to be to join the Indian Army, the more difficult it becomes for those people who see the advantage of going to the canteen and hospital facilities only in the army. The Indian Army is at the top of all this. If you want to join the army only for these facilities, then I will not be able to help you.

If you have the enthusiasm that a JAWAN standing on the border needs and you have the passion which is ready to save the country from enemies even in 50 degrees, then you are made for the Indian Army. By keeping so much passion in your heart, you will cross half the recruitment like this. For the remaining half, I will tell you some important things in this article.

The first thing that you will have to keep in mind is that you will not be alone in the army recruitment rally, so whatever preparation you do, you will be able to do half of that preparation on the rally day. So if you have prepared only for 1600 m race, then understand that you will be able to participate in the recruitment rally only 800 m. I am saying this because there is a lot of difference between running with 100 people and running alone. On the day of the rally, the speed ahead of you determines your escape.

If you want to come in group 1 in 1600 m race, then you should have practice of running atleast 4000m. Now even if you ran 4000 m, then you also have to take care of time limit. In the rally you only get 5 min 20 sec to run 1600 m. So if you have to beat the time too, then everyday practice is important and this is the Gurumantra that can get you get selected in Indian Army in the first time.

Remember that Endurance is not a kind of thing that can be exceled in a day or two. It requires regularity and devotion to build that kind of stamina as a soldier. Apart from this, you have to take special care of some things. Discipline is most important for a military. Whether you are military or preparing to enter the army, discipline should be the highest for you.

If you have to get up at 4 am to go for a run, then no Sunday or cold or heat can break this discipline. If you succeed in doing this then nothing can stop you from becoming a military.

In order to be successful in army recruitment in 1st time, the following things are very important, read carefully.

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Tips to clear Army Bharti Rally Physical Test

1. Regularity

Regularity is the main ingredient of success in anything in the world.

  • 1 Mile doesn’t sound so much but doing so in your best time and with immense competition is the totally different thing.
  • Maintain regularity from at least 3 months before the rally.
  • Try to run 2 miles in the morning and evening every day without an excuse.
  • Running will puff up your lungs for more oxygen thus increase your stamina multiple times.

Tip 1: While running, try to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth even if you eventually get tired at some point, keep breathing from your nose, it will definitely increase your stamina.

2. Drink Water Carefully

Our body is made up of more than 70% of water. What does that teach us? Water is great for us. Drink as much water as you can throughout the day.

  • Avoid drinking too much at a single time.
  • Drink plenty of water 15-20 minutes before you run.
  • Avoid drinking or drink a very short amount of water while you are running.
  • Drink Water after some time of running.

3. Eat Healthy

  • You should always eat healthy even if you are not trying out for the army.
  • But if you are preparing for the army, then it’s a must
  • Eat fruits and vegetables with lots of vitamins and minerals
  • Like banana and apples before you run will keep your body going.

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4. Try Running on Smooth Surface

  • Running on roads may lead to suffocating
  • It can also lead to unwanted pain in your ankles
  • And subsequently, decrease in your stamina rather than increasing it.
  • That is why try running on smooth surfaces like a ground or a field.

5. Stretching and Strength Exercises

Running is not the only exercise in the Indian Army GD tryouts, you will have to nail the other 3 test as well. So, after you are done running,

  • Do stretching exercises and strength exercises
  • For e.g. like pull-ups, chin-ups, dibs, push-ups and others.
  • It will open up your muscles and make you more flexible and less prone to fatigue
  • Also, try long jumping, at least try to jump as long as 9 to 10 meters.

6. Be Disciplined

You have to be disciplined for the rest of your life if you join the army. And the truth is it will also help you to get recruited

  • Be precise about everything, from your sleep to your food habits.
  • Don’t eat oily and junk food, it will only make things worse for you
  • Always eat green vegetables and fruits as they have rich oxygen consumption.

Tip 2: At the end, all that matters is speed and stamina with a pinch of strength.

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Conclusion: If you follow the above-mentioned habits carefully and regularly, you will definitely crack the Indian Army GD physical test. And then all you have to worry about is the Indian Army GD Written exam test.

We will be here guiding you with your every little step towards the recruitment in the Indian Army. In the meantime, you can check your Indian Army Results in this portal.

If you have any query or if you just want to ask something, hit us on the comments box and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

10 thoughts on “Tips to Crack Army GD Physical Test in 1st Attempt”

  1. Is it possible if i start above description before 23 days of the rally? Being a student it is difficult for us to maintane such rotine and i already passed time i have only 24 days for the rally ;-(….

    1. Hello Rajkumar,
      If you want to clear Rally Bharti in such short period of time then you have to follow the given routine. I know it is very hard for students but try to practice as much as you can. You will have no free time. But, joining Indian Army is a big thing, right? You have to do this to earn that uniform. Best of luck.
      Try it and if you find any problem with it, contact me here.

  2. Sir this is kavya.. I want to join in Indian Army.. I dont have any grounds to do practice… Where can I practice? What I have to read to crack army gd exam in 1st attempt?

    1. Dear Kavya,
      In that case you can practice on road but use good quality running shoes. Or practice on treadmill. Do practice other endurance exercises with running that will help you build a good stamina.

      Read Newspapers and note down daily current affairs to cover the GK section. Go through NCERT Books for General Science. Practice Maths and Reasoning Sample Papers as much as you can.

      1. Kavya. Kommoji

        Sir.. I’m from bobbili.. The venue for rally is so far to me sir.. What i have to do sir? How can i go?

        1. There are no arrangements to shift or change the venue. You yourself have to manage to reach the venue anyhow.

  3. sir can i apply for a rally which is not being organized in my regional state but being organized in some different state

    1. No, at present army recruits based in Domicile certificate. It means you can only appear for the ralllies which are open for your domicile city.

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