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Well Researched CBSE Guess Papers 2021 for Class 12

CBSE 12th Practice Papers of Science, Commerce and Arts Stream can be downloaded here in PDF Format. For students of Class 12th who wish to Download CBSE Guess Papers for all subjects, here you can download it for free.

As per CBSE 12th Datesheet, Only two months are remaining for the CBSE Board examination which will be held in the months of Feb & March this year. Preparation for the board exam is going on in every school, and students are preparing hard for it. For their preparation, they are searching for all the available study material on the internet or from any other source.

As you all might be aware of the importance of Practice Papers such as sample papers and guess papers. Here, we will provide you the latest CBSE class 12th guess paper which will be very useful in the preparation of board exams.

Everyone knows the value of CBSE Board examination especially of class 12th board examinations as it constitutes the foundation of Student’s further educational career.

CBSE 12 Board Guess Papers 2021 – Download PDF

Students of class 12th who are pursuing their secondary education either with Science, commerce or Art stream can get Guess papers regarding their subjects. CBSE board provides Sample & Guess papers a few months before the Exam every year.

Guess papers for all the streams are easily available here, and that includes all the subjects. So you will get the solution for all your Guess papers related problems and also a guide on which guess papers to practice in order to score a good percentage.

Below, a detailed and arranged description is given for all the streams including all the subjects of CBSE 12th guess paper in order. All the streams such as Science, Commerce, and Arts are described below in detail along with the Guess papers.

How Guess Papers are helpful?

Before Solving these Guess papers you must know the role of these guess papers in the CBSE board examination.

These Guess papers are provided by CBSE board and prepared by subject experts after the brief analysis of previous years exam question papers.

Hence, solving these guess papers are going to be beneficial to all students in many ways such as:

  • Solving these papers will make you much comfortable with the question paper pattern as these are accordingly prepared.
  • By operose practice, you will get speed and accuracy in your work.
  • It will make you more efficient by raising your answer writing skills in the board exam.
  • The repetition of some of the questions in many guess papers will aware you about most important questions of the respective subject.
  • Practicing these papers just before the final exam will revise your most of the important topics of the respective syllabus.

Download CBSE 12th Guess Papers For Science Stream

Science Stream includes some of the major subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and other subjects such as English or Hindi. If you are a student of Science stream then you will have the above-mentioned subjects to study for your exams.

CBSE 12th Guess Paper Physics PDF

Physics is a subject that has to be learned thoroughly since it involves various concepts and applications.

An advantage of preparing well for class 12 Physics exam is that the student will get an edge over others when giving competitive exams like JEE, AIPMT, etc. Hence, for a good amount of practice, answering sample papers/ Guess Papers is a necessity.

Useful in increasing your efficiency in solving the papers and will prepare you best for your boards.

Download Physics Guess Paper PDF

CBSE 12th Guess Paper Chemistry PDF

Chemistry is a subject that has a vast syllabus comprising of hundreds of equations, chemical reactions, and processes.

It is a quite difficult task to learn every book and corner of the textbook in Chemistry. So, it becomes important to do a lot of practice with Guess papers so that the student gets to know the type of questions that will be asked.

An advantage of preparing well for class 12 Chemistry exam other than scoring good marks is that the student will get an edge over others when giving competitive exams like JEE, AIPMT, etc. Hence, for a good amount of practice, answering Guess papers is a necessity.

Download Chemistry Guess Paper PDF

CBSE 12th Guess Paper Mathematics PDF

To acquire an extra edge over the competitors, try to get a good grip on the basic concepts and fundamentals of the particular subject.

Usually, Math exam includes different questions that are theorem and direct formula based. So, make sure to revise as many times as possible.

The key strategy to ace the exam is repeated practice. Solve Guess Papers to get a grip on math concepts.

Download Maths Guess Paper PDF

CBSE 12th Guess Paper Biology PDF

The key to clearing the Class 12 Biology examination is not by memorizing the NCERT prescribed books but through a understanding of the concepts and a keen interest in the life sciences.

By solving Guess papers for class 12 CBSE Biology, students can understand their strengths and work on improving the area they are weak in. It is ensuring that students gain a thorough knowledge of Biology and help them prepare for exams by offering free guess papers.

It contains all the questions that could be included in their examinations as they have been prepared after analyzing the last 10 years papers.

CBSE 12th Guess Paper Hindi PDF

Different views about Hindi subject can be heard by various students as it is so easy and scoring for some, while tough and lengthy for others.

Hindi is a language subject. The student has to focus on understanding which topics are of utmost importance and which require that additional push. The strategy remains the same for language subjects too.

Those who find it tough need to practice Guess papers provided here. It will facilitate them to understand the question paper format deeply.

CBSE 12th Guess Paper English Core PDF

Class 12 English is the final examination that a student will take in the subject, in their school lives. Though not spoken as a common language in the world, it is widely used for official communication.

To take the Class 12 English examination, students require a lot of practice in the form of mock tests and Guess papers that will equip them with concepts and strategies.

The aim behind creating the CBSE Guess papers for class 12 English core is to help students manage their time efficiently while writing creative and elaborate answers. 

Here we give students access to CBSE papers for class 12 English core free PDF download. This allows them to improve their understanding of the subject and simultaneously create a bank of Guess question papers for further preparation.

CBSE 12th Guess Paper English Elective PDF

The importance of English in today’s world is well known. It is important for one to grasp the language properly and feel more credible. Correct grammar is also essential as it lays the foundation for effective communication.

Guess paper available as a free PDF download. Applied grammar takes practice to get right and students attempting the Class 12 English Elective paper must take many mock tests and score in them to understand where they stand and what they must improve upon.

Download CBSE 12th Guess Papers For Commerce Stream

Commerce is a very vast subject with a vast syllabus and lengthy exam papers, requiring the need for an early start in the preparations.

The subjects included in the commerce stream are Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics along with two other subjects of the student’s choice.

Guess papers pdf for all the above mentioned subjects are easily available here.

The latest CBSE class 12th guess paper will ensure that your preparation is up to the mark and is according to the latest exam pattern.

CBSE 12 Guess paper Accountancy PDF

Preparing accountancy for class 12 can be one of the most challenging tasks to successfully accomplish. This is so because accountancy for class 12 is directly associated with the practical application of the knowledge.

It is important for students to not only have a solid foundation but to also learn the intricate technicalities of the subjects.

Accountancy basically refers to the processing of financial data of entities (individual, HUFs, companies, partnership firms, etc.) in order to arrive at a defined end result that helps in formulating future economic decisions.

This job of verifying financial reports is usually done by a professional accountant who is often known as a CA (Chartered Accountant).

Get Guess papers for CBSE Class 12 Accountancy here.

CBSE 12th Guess Paper Business studies PDF

Business Studies comprises one of the main subjects in the Commerce stream. And many students do find it difficult to learn and comprehend this subject and score good marks.

However, this can be simplified by practicing the Guess papers. CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Guess Papers plays an important role in fetching good marks.

Practicing the Guess papers definitely helps the students gain their level of confidence, get rid of the exam fear, understand the examination pattern, types of questions that are likely to appear in the exams, learn from the errors committed.

CBSE 12th Guess Paper Economics PDF

Economics is the social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. And after your completion, your whole syllabus students look for sample papers.

CBSE guide provides Guess Papers for Class 12 Economic 2021. Practicing Guess Papers increase your speed and boost your performance in board exam and helps to score well.

You can download CBSE Guess Papers for Class 12 Economics here.

Download CBSE 12th Guess Papers For Arts/Humanity Stream

Art stream is one of the most interesting stream which provides very important general knowledge in it’s entire syllabus. Interesting subjects like: History, Geography and Political Science are included in this stream.

All the above-mentioned subject’s Guess papers will be provided to you here. These Guess papers are set by experts who have prepared these papers after a lot of research.

CBSE 12th Guess Paper History PDF

History is the subject about which the different views of peoples/students can be heard. It is easy and most interesting subject for some, while some find it tough and boring.

History subject is the collection of most of the past stories including the stories of Emperor’s domination period and war held between many of them on time to time for Area, Cultivation and many other purposes.

Hence, it is quite difficult to remember this large collection of each domination period. Therefore you need to know about some of the most important topics or questions of the entire subject. This can be only done by practicing sample papers and Guess papers.

CBSE 12th Guess Paper Geography PDF

Geography is a field of science devoted to the study of the lands, features, inhabitants, and phenomena of Earth. We provide you the Guess papers for class 12 geography released by CBSE itself.

While revision solving Guess papers is the best way to practice for the exam it will give an idea of question paper pattern and help to boost performance.

Guess papers gives you the confidence to solve paper with ease. You can download CBSE Guess Papers 2019-20 for Class 12 Geography in pdf for free.

CBSE 12 Guess Paper Political Science PDF

Political science is a social science which deals with systems of governance, and the analysis of political activities, political thoughts, and political behavior.

When you study Political Science, you’ll learn about how political power is distributed, how different governments operate and interact, how rules are made and enforced.

Solving Guess Papers will give confidence to students for preparation of exams.It is the best way to test your preparation for exams and test your ability to solve the problems.

You can download CBSE Guess papers for Class 12 Political Science 2021 in PDF format.

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