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CBSE Board Class 10th Hindi Guess Papers 2020

Hindi is another language subject just like English, which is also very time consuming and sometimes the students find it even more time taking than English, but here again you need a good practice which you can easily get by solving the guess papers provided here.

Rather than opting for the books at the last moment, you can instead practice the guess papers which will not only help you in your revision or study but will also make you more efficient and fast in solving the paper.

The paper comes in two courses, A and B. The paper for Course A consists of a combination of multiple choice questions, based on a supporting piece of prose or poetry. Latter questions are focused on essay writing and creative expression of thought.

The paper for Course B, on the other hand, is focused on descriptive questions, again based on pieces of prose. It also features questions that ask you to answer in a specified structural format, while expanding on the relevance of popular Hindi literature.

Benefits of Solving Hindi Guess Papers:

Practicing with the Guess papers will give you an added benefit of the type of paper that you will be facing on the day of your Board Exam.

These papers are surely gonna be very useful to each student as these are prepared by Subject after the brief analysis of previous year’s Question Papers and the latest Examination Format.

  • By practicing Hindi Guess Papers you will get an exact idea of marking scheme of the question paper also How and What to write answers of Short and long answer type questions to score maximum marks.
  • Solving Hindi Guess papers will make you familiar to the Exam Pattern of Hindi as You will not feel exhilarating at the Exam Hall.
  • Practicing the Hindi Guess Papers along with your Chapter wise preparation will also revise the matter you have learned earlier.
  • By diligent practicing, You can boost your confidence and can make you experienced with Hindi Questions as You have done it many times earlier.

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