CBSE Class 10 NCERT Solution: Social Science Chapter Wise

Every, CBSE 10th and CBSE 12th student want to score 100% in their CBSE board exams but in order to score good marks in CBSE Board exams students should also give 100% dedication. But if you prepare with a full proof strategy then you can score 100% in your CBSE 10th or CBSE 12th Board exams. And the best strategy to prepare for CBSE 10th board exams is with CBSE 10th NCERT Solutions (All Subjects).

Download CBSE 10th Social Science Chapter Wise Important Questions with Solutions

You can find all Important Questions With Solutions of CBSE 10th of all the Books like History, Economics, Political Science, and Geography. 

CBSE 10th Social Science- History Important Questions pdf

It is not an easy task to score above 90% is CBSE 10th SST History as there is a lot to read and mug up. But if you are doing a smart study then you don’t have to read each and every other line your textbook. That is why we have brought you all and only Important Questions of CBSE 10th History.

You can download Class 10th History all chapters NCERT Solutions from below:

The Rise of Nationalism in EuropeDownload
The Nationalist Movement in Indo-ChinaDownload
Nationalism in IndiaDownload
The Making of a Global WorldDownload
The Age of IndustrialisationDownload
Work, Life, and LeisureDownload
Print Culture and the Modern WorldDownload
Novels, Society,  and HistoryDownload

CBSE 10th Social Science- Geography Important Questions pdf

If you do not want to spend too much time in only one book like CBSE 10th SST Geography than you can read only the important questions from this book. Download the chapters from the link provided below.

You can download Class 10th Geographys all chapters NCERT Solutions from below:

Resources and Development Download
Forest and Wildlife Resources Download
Water ResourcesDownload
Minerals and Energy Resources Download
Manufacturing IndustriesDownload
Lifelines of National EconomyDownload

CBSE 10th Social Science- Political Science Important Questions pdf

All the CBSE 10th students can download the most important questions of SST Political Science from the link below which would be beneficial for all the CBSE 10th students.

You can download Class 10th Political Science all chapters NCERT Solutions from below:

Power Sharing Download
Democracy and Diversity Download
Gender, Religion and Caste Download
Popular Struggles and Movements Download
Political PartiesDownload
Outcomes of DemocracyDownload
Challenges to DemocracyDownload

CBSE 10th Social Science- Economics Important Questions pdf

Economics is not one of the most favorite subjects of CBSE 10th students as so instead of giving too much time to read its book you can just brush up with these important chapter wise questions. Click on the link to download all the questions which are given chapter wise.

You can download Class 10th Economics all chapters NCERT Solutions from below:

Sectors of the Indian EconomyDownload
Money and CreditDownload
Globalization and the Indian Economy Download
Consumer RightsDownload

Other than Social Studies you can also get CBSE 10th Maths Important Questions and CBSE 10th Science Important Questions with solution. If you are a serious CBSE 10th or CBSE 12th aspirant then stay tuned with us for CBSE study material and lthe atest update of CBSE Exams. We provide the most appropriate and accurate study material for CBSE 10th and CBSE 12th.

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