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CBSE Class 12 NCERT Solutions Science/Commerce/Arts All subjects

The curriculum for all schools that follow the Central Board of Education(CBSE) is set by the National Council of Education Research and Training(NCERT) across the nation.

While preparing for CBSE board exams the NCERT solutions are widely accepted and most used by students. These NCERT Solutions works as chapter wise notes for students. The CBSE class 12th NCERT solutions for Science/Commerce/Arts all streams for all subjects are now available here.

Get NCERT solutions for all Science subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, and Hindi; Commerce subjects i.e. Accountancy, Business studies, Economics; Arts subjects Political science, History, Geography.

There are a lot of books available now and students just can’t figure out that which book will be much beneficial and helpful to achieve the best position in the upcoming board exam.

Why is NCERT Important for Class 12th Board Exams?

How it will be if anyhow you get to know that from which books your board exam papers is prepared? Then you can easily decide which books you should study for the best preparation.

It will be good to know that exam pattern and the question paper is set according to the NCERT books and so, there is hardly any chance of any question coming from out of the syllabus.

These NCERT solutions are also useful for each student to approach a literally answering the textbook questions. These solutions develop a strong conceptual base in students which is helpful to qualify further competitive exams.

These NCERT solutions are specially prepared for the CBSE board exams and carry orderly arranged questions answers for each chapters of all subjects.

Key Features of NCERT and its Solutions

  • Contemplated and re-sorted by subject experts in specialists care.
  • Seriate and logical approach for better understanding of concepts.
  • Suitable illustrations and Exercise-wise solved chapters to ease your preparation.
  • Carry solutions with the required quality and quantity of neccesary material
  • Well labeled diagrams, statistics, and calculations are given where needed.
  • The solution module is framed in easy to understand format.

Class 12th NCERT Solutions for Science Stream: PCMB

Although everyone has their different views about various streams of CBSE board class 12, Science is considered to be the most difficult one. From the vast syllabus to difficult derivations and the time consuming numerical, everything is there.
But it doesn’t mean that you can’t score best. Its just need your interest and hard as well as smart work that can take you up at the top of the board.

Boost your self-confidence with the help of NCERT solutions which covers your entire syllabus of each subject. And provides chapter wise notes of each suject.

Get CBSE board class 12 chapterwise NCERT Solutions for all subjects of Science stream i.e Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, and Hindi.

Class 12 Mathematics NCERT Solutions

Maths also confuses students as it is most hateful among many students but lovers are also not less. This is so because students who have been understood the mathematics concepts like to solve mathematics but who are still unable to understand the Mathematics start hating it.

Whether you love or hate mathematics you have to prepare best for it as it is a compulsory subject for science stream students. In order to score maximum marks in Mathematics, studying from NCERT solutions should always be your first priority.

There are two NCERT books for for class 12th Maths. Which are:

  • Mathematics part I
  • Mathematics part II

Class 12 Physics NCERT Solutions

In most of the cases, Maths lovers also show interest in Physics as both are relevant to each other. And its also necessary to achieve good position in physics as it is also a cmplusory subject.

It is always suggested to prepare for it from the NCERT solutions as these are very interesting and provides perfect answers for Physics concepts, derivations, figures and numerical. Having a good command on such interesting concepts of Physics can fetches unexpected marks in your upcoming board Physics board exam.

Physics consists of two following NCERT books for class 12:

  • Physics part I
  • Physics part II

Class 12 NCERT Solutions for Chemistry

In chemistry, students often get confused that what to include except theory expalantion while writing answer. NCERT Solutions of chemistry will give you a proper knowledge of materials that you can involve in your answers.

Class 12th Chemistry NCERT solutions are also in two following parts:

  • Chemistry part I
  • Chemistry part II

Class 12 NCERT Solutions for Biology

Biology is all about remembering terminologies, students often have trouble with difficult terms of biology and this is the only reason can be heard among students that why they hate biology.

To get maximum marks in this subject the only thing you can do is more and more practice. Go through below provided NCERT solutions and start your practice by now.

The entire syllabus of Biology is summarized in one NCERT book. Download the NCERT solutions for biology on below provided link.

Class 12 NCERT Solutions For English

If you go through right preparation for English you can highly increase your overall percentage by scoring maximum in English. On the other hand, if you don’t prepare for it can also be the reason for the decrement in your percentage. This is so because it is the most scoring subject.

Below provided NCERT solutions for English are enough in itself for a student to score maximum.

The two NCERT books for 12th class CBSE are:

  • Flamingo
  • Vistas

Class 12 NCERT Solutions For Hindi

Hindi is another opportunity for students to highly increase their overall percentage, as it is another language subject like English. Hindi is also of the enormous syllabus and tests your writing skills in the Hindi language. NCERT solutions provide you with enough material to score maximum in Hindi board exam.

The following three books cover the entire syllabus of Hindi:

  • Antra
  • Aroh
  • Vitan
  • Antra bhag 2

Class 12th NCERT Solutions For Commerce Stream

The vast syllabus of Commerce is the main reason of the fear among students who are pursuing their senior secondary education with Commerce stream. But just keep in mind that nothing is so tough and impossible here if you go for it with full of self confidence and dedication.

A number of students have passed from the same stage where you are today with the same fear of board examination. This fear is not going to benefit you in any way so overcome your fear by your best preparation with NCERT solutions. And increase your self confidence by preparing with a reliable source of board exam which is NCERT solutions.

NCERT Solutions for all sbujects of Commerce stream i.e. Accountancy, Business studies, and Economics.

Accountancy NCERT Solutions

In commerce stream, Accountancy is considered to be most difficult. But this is just for those who are not actually preparing for it. each student can get a grip on this subject by understanding the actual concepts of Accountancy and can command over it.

Prepare best with NCERT solutions as these carry important questions and answers of all chapters with required quality and quantity.

The two books provided by NCERT for Acccountancy are:

  • Accountancy part I
  • Accountancy part II

Business studies NCERT Solutions

Business studies is also a main and compulsory subject in Commerce stream. It includes everything related to Business, Management and Finance. NCERT solutions of Business studies are enough to score good marks in Business studies.

The following two books are for Business studies provided by NCERT:

  • Business studies I
  • Business studies II

NCERT Solutions For Economics

Economics subject teaches about development or transferring of wealth or related to the money flow. it is quite interesting and scoring subject if you go with best preparation. NCERT Solutions can be prove to be most useful in this purpose.

Entire syllabus of Economics is divided into two parts i.e. Introductory Macroeconomics and Introductory Microeconomics. NCERT Solutions for both are provided below:

  • Introductory Macroeconomics
  • Introductory Microeconomics

Class 12th NCERT Solutions For Arts/Humanity Stream

Art stream is again a very interesting and popular stream. It carry most interesting subjects like History, Geography, Political science and Economics. To get a master approach in all these subjects instead of learning the topics read it like a story. It will help you to remember much concepts and for more long time.

In this purpose, NCERT solutions can help you a lot as it provides the correct knowledge and required details. Download chapter wise NCERT solutions for all the above-mentioned subjects.

NCERT Solutions for History

History the subjects which teaches about the previous civilization and the people use to live in earlier times. It makes it interesting and attractive.

To Get chapter wise distribution and their question answers of the entire syllabus of History class 12th download the below provided NCERT solutions.

The whole syllabus of History is distributed in three distinct books named :

  • Themes in Indian History I
  • Themes in Indian History II
  • Themes in Indian History III

NCERT Solutions for Geography

Environmental and Social aspects of the world comes under the subject Geography. Its hard to select the important questions from the vast syllabus of Geography. The NCERT Solutions provides proper guidance on what is important and relevant according to the syllabus.

The vast syllabus of Geography is distributed in three books. which are:

  • Fundamentals of Human Geography
  • Practical work in Geography part II
  • India- People and Economy

NCERT Solutions For Political science

Political science deals with the studies of International Politics and Indian Politics. It gives the knowledge about how the past was and how it transformed into the present. The below provided NCERT solutions will give a head and easy start to your preparation for board exam.

The books for Political science are:

  • Contemporary world politics
  • Political science II

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