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CBSE Class 10th Results 2019- Check Here |

CBSE Class 10th Exams started in February 2019 and finished in April 2019. Now, the students are eagerly waiting for the CBSE Board Exam Results of Class 10th and the wait of all the CBSE 10th students is over as CBSE has published CBSE 10th result on 6th May 2019. All the students who were in CBSE 10th can now check their respective result from the link given below and follow the steps given in the article to check their result.

Click Here To Check CBSE 10th 2019 Result

Click Here To Check CBSE 12th 2019 Result

Last year the CBSE 10th Result was announced on 28th May. More than 16 lakhs of students gave the exam last year and this year too the number had gone up. The final results of Class 10th Board 2019 can be checked in the CBSE official website and

CBSE 10th Results 2019 Date

Now, with the CBSE 10th result is out which is available in the official website of for all the students who were in 10th class this year and attempted the CBSE 10th Board Paper. Important dates related to CBSE 10th Board 2019 given below.

CBSE 10th Board Result 2019Important Dates
The Exams will Begin From21 February 2019
The Exams will End on29th March 2019
Result Date6th May 2019

CBSE 10th Results 2019: Last Year Stats

Every year CBSE releases the stats related to the CBSE Board Exam. This is to make us aware the level of exam and competition that the students like you face in the Boards. This year the CBSE board pattern has been followed. Previously, CBSE gave permission to the schools and students to opt for Board Exam or for Home Exam Patter.

But, due to several practicalities, this pattern could not be followed and to everybody’s rejoice, the Board Exam Pattern again comes to Practice from this year.

CBSE 10th Result 2018 Stats
Appeared Students16 lakh
Overall pass percentage86.70
Overall pass percentage of girls88.67
Overall pass percentage of boys85.32

Last year, the average passing percentage was 86.70% and girls performed better than boys by a margin of few percent. Prakhar Mittal from Gurugram, Rimzhim Agrawal from Bijnor, Nandni Garg from Shamli and Sreelakshmi G from Cochin, scored 499 marks out of 500 to top the CBSE Class 10th Examination 2018 jointly.

YearAppeared StudentsPassed StudentsPassing (%)

This Report is based on the data on Internet and considering that last year was Home Board option too, this year this number can go higher. The percentage and marks gives a fair judgement that most of the students secure first division in the CBSE Board Exams.

How to Check CBSE Class 10th Board Exam Result 2019

CBSE allows students to check the latest CBSE Board Exam Results through various methods. Few years back, the results were published in newspapers and students have to rush to the newspaper center to check for their roll number. My uncle too walked more than 20 kilometres to check his result in his time. But, thank god! you don’t have to do this now.

You can check your CBSE Class 10th Exam Result 2019 Online through:

  1. CBSE Official Website
  2. Google Search Engine

How to Check CBSE 10th Result 2019 on Official Website

CBSE Class 10th Board Results are available on the CBSE official website But a lot of students get confused with the lots of options available there. So, here I will tell you that how can you check the CBSE Class 10th result 2019 on

Step by Step Tutorial to check CBSE 10th Results 2019:

  1. Go to CBSE website,
  2. Click on the Link, CBSE Class X Board Examination
  3. On new window, fill your deails like Roll Number, Date of Birth, School Number and Centre number.
  4. Click on ‘SUBMIT’ Button.
  5. Your Result will be displayed on the screen

Note: Fill your details correctly. Due to huge traffic, it may happen that you need to enter your details again. Take a print out of your result for future use.

How to Check CBSE X Result on Google

You may already know what is google and what we do on google. For those who don’t, Google is a search engine where you can search anything and it helps you find out the information about the thing you searched. For example, you searched CBSE 10th Results 2019 on google and reached this website.

Now, to help you to know your result, Google has provided this facility where you can check your Class 10th Board Result directly in the Google Page and you do not need to visit any website.

To check your result on google, go to the google home page and type your roll number in the box. It will then ask you some more information like School Number etc and will then show you your Class 10 Result directly.

CBSE 10th Results 2019 on Whatsapp

You can also get your CBSE Class 10th Boards Results on Whatsapp. This is not an official service but a small initiative of to provide CBSE board Exam Result on Whatsapp.

This year we will be providing this service to all CBSE students who register their numbers with us to know their Board Exam Result 2019.

To know your Result on Whatsapp, you need to sent following details on our Whatsapp number +917300823887:

  1. Board Exam Roll Number
  2. Your Date of Birth
  3. Your School Number
  4. Your Centre Number

Note: The Details are given in your CBSE Board Exam admit card.

CBSE Board Grading System (CGPA) 2019 for Class 10th Result

As per the CBSE Rules, the students of Class 10th CBSE board get their reults in CGPA Format. CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Points Average. This means that the marks obtained by the students in CBSE Class 10 Board Exams are converted into Grade (A,B,C,D,E). The Board Marksheet of Students contains these grades instead of marks.

The highest grade that a student can get is A1 and E2 is the lowest grade an individual can get. Below you can find the marks range of these Grades for Class 10th.

GradeMarks RangeCGPA-Points
A191 to 10010
A281 to 909
B171 to 808
B261 to 707
C151 to 606
C241 to 505
D33 to 404
E121 to 32NONE
E200 to 20NONE

How to Calculate CBSE Class 10th Percentage from CGPA | CGPA to Marks | CGPA to Percentage

In CGPA, the marks of the students are listed in grade form. Sometimes the students need to convert the CGPA to Percentage. To calculate CGPA marks to percentage, you can follow this process:

The formula to calculate overall CGPA:

CGPA = Sum of Grade Points (main five subjects) divided by 5

Calculate percentage from CGPA, simply multiply it with 9.5 such as:

CGPA = 9, overall percentage is: 9 x 9.5 = 85.5% Marks.

CBSE Re-checking and Re-Evaluation Process 2019

More than 16 lakhs of students appeared in the CBSE Class 10th Board Exam last year. Most of the students were fortunate enough to pass the Exam with flying colors. But, unfortunately a significant number of students failed in some subjects.

There should be no surprise in this. I, too, was surprised when I saw my marks in Maths in Board Exam. Although, I passes the exam but the marks that I got were not as I expected. Rather than being sad about it, I sent my Board Copy for rechecking and gained some more marks.

CBSE provides the facility of Recheking and Re-evaluation of CBSE board copies of students. Those students who find their marks not up to the marks they expected can send their copies for re-evaluation.

A nominal fee of around Rupees 500 is charged per subject by CBSE for re-checking the copies.

CBSE Board Exam 2019 New Passing Criteria

In 2019, CBSE has added some enhancements in the CBSE Class 10th Passing criteria. It is now much easier for students to pass the CBSE Board Exam.

All candidates who had appeared in the exam as per the scheme of studies were exempted from separate pass criteria in internal assessment and Board examination. The result was computed in each subject taking into account combined marks obtained in internal assessment and Board exam and those who secured 33% marks was declared pass in that subject.

In case of a candidate being absent in Practical/Internal assessment the marks were treated as zero) and result was computed accordingly

It has now been decided to extend the same passing criteria henceforth stents of Secondary classes i.e. candidates appearing Class X examination in 2019 onwards will have to secure overall 33% (both taken together) in the subject to be eligible to pass that subject.