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CBSE 12th Economics Board Paper 2019: Download Pdf

Central board of secondary education conducted CBSE 12th Economics exam on March 27, 2019, at various test centers across India. Above 400000 students were appeared for the exam. In CBSE 12th Economics Board Exam, students get 15 minutes time to read the question paper. As, per the schedule, the question papers were distributed at 10:15 AM and the exam started at 10:30 AM. The Paper carried a total of 80 marks with the time duration of 3 hours.

The students who attempted the exam, shared their views about the exam saying that the difficulty level of the CBSE 12th Economics exam 2019 was average. All the questions were asked from the latest Economics syllabus. All the questions were easy to attempt except the questions asked from National Income which were a bit tricky. Read the complete analysis of the exam below.

CBSE 12th Economics Exam 2019 Marks distribution

The maximum marks carried by the CBSE 12th Economics exam 2018 was 80. The entire question paper was divided into two sections i.e Section A – Micronucleus and Section B – Macronucleus. A total of 12 questions were asked in Section A, and 9 questions in section B. The marks allocated to the questions in both the sections is given below in the table.

No.Units / ChapterMarks
1Introduction (2 questions) 1SA (1), 1VSA(3)4
2Consumer Equilibrium and Demand (6 questions) 2VSA, 1SA (3 marks), 2 SA (4 marks), 1 long (6)18
3Producer Behaviour and Supply (5 questions) 1 long (6), 1 VSA, 1SA (3) 2 SA (4)18
4Forms of Market and Price determination (3 questions) 1 Long (6), 1 VSA (1), 1 SA (3)10
5National income and related aggregates (4 questions) 1 Long (6), 3 SA (3)15
6Money and Banking (2 questions) 1 Long (6), 2 VSA (1)8
7Determination of Income and employment (4 questions) 1 Long (6), 1 SA (4), 2 VSA (1)12
8Government Budget and the economy (2 questions) 2 SA (4)8
9Balance of Payment (3 questions) 1 VSA (1), 2 SA (3)7

CBSE Class 12 Economics Board Exam 2019: Paper Analysis & Review – Format of Question Paper:

In the CBSE 12th Economics Paper 2019:

  • Question number 1 to 4 and 13 to 16: Very short answer types questions (1 mark each, word limit – one sentence)
  • Question number 5 to 6 and 17 to 18: Short answer questions (3 marks each, word limit – 60 words each)
  • Question number 7 to 9 and 19 to 21: Short answer questions (4 marks each, word limit – 70 words each)
  • Question number 10 to 12 and 22 to 24: Long answer questions (6 marks each, word limit – 100 words each)

Feedback from CBSE 12th Students

A large number of students were appeared for CBSE 12th Economics exam 2019, as there were students from both the streams Commerce and Arts. After the exam, the students were asked for the report/feedback about the difficulty level of the exam. Although they found the difficulty level average, however, there were also some precarious questions.

The main point noticed from the feedback of the students is the last question asked in the CBSE 12th Economic exam 2019 was unexpected. According to some students, the last question was ‘out of syllabus’. Read the complete report below.

Last question unexpected

Every student who was asked for their response to the exam said that the last question (Q. No. 21) was unanticipated. This question didn’t have an option (OR question) as well. They hadn’t come across it in the NCERT book or the Sandeep Garg book which is recommended for students in most schools.

Here’s the question:

“What is meant by the ‘Effective Demand Principle’ in Kenyesian theory of employment? Discuss using a schedule or diagram.”

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