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How To Prepare For CBSE 10th 2021 Compartment Exam

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has declared that CBSE 10th result 2021 will be based on Internal Assessment of the candidates. After the declaration of result, the board conducts Compartment exam every year for those who didn’t get the minimum qualifying marks(33%) in one or more subjects. In order to save their year, the students can apply for the compartment exam from here.

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CBSE has released the date sheet for CBSE 10th compartment exam on its official website As per the schedule designated by the board, the compartment exams will be held from 2nd July. The compartment examinations are meant for the students for some reason were unable to clear any exam of the Class 10th or 12th Board Examination.

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In this article, the complete information regarding the CBSE 10th Compartment exam is provided. The blueprints of all subjects are also available here. In order to score maximum in this second chance of the board exam, read the preparation tips given in the below article.

You can also prepare from CBSE 10th Model Papers, CBSE 10th Guess Papers for more practice to make sure that you get pass this time

CBSE 10 2021 Compartment Exam Dates: All Subjects

Central Board of secondary education has released the entire program of CBSE !0 and 12th Compartment Exam at its official website Have a quick look at the important events held during the process along with their respective dates in the below table.

Below are the dates given for CBSE 10th 2021 Compartment dates for all subjects starting from 2nd July 2021 to 10th July 2021 (Tentative)

DateSubject (Subject Code)
July 2, 2021 (Tuesday)10:30 AM to 01:30 PMScience Theory (086)Science without practical (090)
July 3, 2021 (Wednesday)10:30 AM to 01:30 PMHindustani Music (034)English Communicative (101)English Language & Literature (184)
July 5, 2021 (Friday) 10:30 AM to 01:30 PMMathematics (041)
Juy 6, 2021 (Saturday) 10:30 AM to 01:30 PMHome Science (064)Sanskrit (122)
July 9, 2021 (Tuesday)10:30 AM to 01:30 PM10:30 AM to 01:00 PM10:30 AM to 12:30 PMHindi Course A (002)
Urdu Course A (003)
Punjabi (004)
Bengali (005)
Telugu (007)
Marathi (009)
Gujarati (010)
Manipuri (011)
Malayalam (012)
Odia (013)
Kannada (015)
Arabic (016)
French (018)
Persian (023)
Nepali (024)
Hindustani Music (035)
Painting (049)
Hindi Course B (085)
Telugu-Telangana (089)
Urdu Course B (303)
Foundation of IT (165)
Intro to Tourism (406)
July 10, 2021 (Wednesday)10:30 AM to 01:30 PMSocial Science (087)

How to Prepare for CBSE 10th Compartment Paper

In every students’ educational career, 10th board exam is a first phase where the students experience a quite different type of examination. It is obvious the students usually get terrified just by hearing the difficulty of the Board examination. Understanding the value and difficulty level of these exams all students do their best to score well in these exams.

But sometimes a student scores good marks in some subjects but unable to get even qualifying marks in one or two subjects (compartment) due to some reasons that is why you should know How To Write Answers To Score Full Marks in Board Exams. CBSE facilitates such students with Compartment Exams. Hence, such student now needs to dedicate themselves to the exams until the exams are completed.

Here, in this article, some most recommended preparation tips are listed below. In order to perform best in this second chance given by the board read and follow the tips carefully.

Analyze Your Previous Mistakes

Take out the Questions papers given to you in March/April and make an attempt to solve the questions again. While writing the answers closely observe what difficulties you are facing, point out your weak areas. This will make you realize what mistakes you have done in the exam held in March/April.

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Learn from Your Mistakes

Once you have found the weak points, start work on them. Believe in the sayings “Practice makes a man perfect”, practice as much as you can. There is no other way to overcome your weakness. This will make you a more confident and enable to write answers fluently.

Make an Improved Subject-wise Strategy

Apart from working on your weak areas and previous mistakes, you will need a proper plan for all subjects you have applied for. A subject wise strategy is a must to prepare well. Choose one or two hard subjects in which you often face difficulties. In your preparation strategy, much time should be allocated to the subjects which you find hard.

Practice Last Year’s Papers

A few days before the examination, after completing NCERT books’ syllabus students should move towards the Practice papers. This will help you to revise the syllabus concepts you have studied earlier. Practicing papers will also help you to set an exact idea of answering the question paper with the designated time.

Practice Now: CBSE 10th Past 5 Years Papers

CBSE 10th 2020 Compartment Papers

After reading the NCERT syllabus books, students often search for the Practice papers or Last year’s papers. Practicing the last year’s papers is the best way to test yourself before the examination. You can observe yourself that what you have learned and where you still need to work upon. The more papers you will practice the more you will revise the concepts of the syllabus. It is also important to understand the question paper pattern and marking scheme.

Here, the last year’s (2019) papers for CBSE 10th all subjects i.e. Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English, and Hindi is available in the PDF format. Click on the below links to download the PDFs of all the above-mentioned subjects.

SubjectsDownload Link
English CommClick Here
English Lang Click Here
Hindi-A Click Here
Hindi-BClick Here
MathematicsClick Here
ScienceClick Here
Social ScienceClick Here

CBSE 10th 2021 Compartment Exam Result

After completing the CBSE 10th Compartment exam 2021, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will announce the result. The board may take one or two months to announce the CBSE 10th Compartment Result 2021.

Although there is no formal announcement regarding the Result of CBSE 10th Compartment exam 2021, it is expected to be announced in the month of August 2021.

Books to Prepare for CBSE 10th 2021 Compartment Exam

If we talk about the CBSE 10th compartment exam, scoring a perfect 100 might not be that easy, but it is not impossible. A CBSE Student can score 100% marks just by preparing best with the NCERT books, as there is hardly any question comes out of the NCERT syllabus.

NCERT books are written by the experts and the concepts are described very clearly. The information compiled in the textbook can never mislead you. It gives you an accurate and correct information. Hence, each students are strongly recommended to prepare with the NCERT books.

CBSE 10th Books  – List of the NCERT Books

Here, CBSE Class 10 NCERT Books List is tabulated below:

SubjectCBSE Books for Class 10
CBSE Class 10 English Literature Reader BookFirst Flight
CBSE Class 10 English BookFootprints without Feet
CBSE Class 10th Maths BookMathematics
CBSE Class 10th Hindi Bookक्षितिज़
Hindi Book for Class 10thकृतिका  – Hindi Supplementary
CBSE Class 10th Hindi Bookस्पर्श -2nd Lang
Hindi Book for CBSE Class 10thSanchayan – Suppl. Hindi (2nd Lang.)
CBSE Class 10 Science BookScience
CBSE History Book Class 10India & Contemporary World II
Class 10 CBSE Geography BookContemporary India
Class 10th Economics BookUnderstanding Economic Development
Democratic Politics Class 10 CBSE BookDemocratic Politics II
Class 10 Computer Book CBSEFoundations of Information Technology Class 10
CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit BookShemusi II

What if a student fails in CBSE 10th Compartment Exam

CBSE facilitates five chances to clear the compartment examination. The first examination is held in July-August followed by second chance in March-April and the third chance in July-August and so on. Unsuccessful candidates after these five attempts are required to appear afresh in all subjects.

CBSE 10th Compartment Exam Subject-wise Blueprint

CBSE 10th students, who didn’t get the 33% (passing) marks in one, two or three subjects have to appear for the Compartment exams starting from 2nd July by the CBSE. CBSE conducts Compartment exam as a second chance to such students to pass the exam and save the year.

Hence, to prepare best for these Compartment exam, one need to know the Blueprint i.e Unit wise marks distribution of all the subjects in which you have compartment. The blueprint of Science, Mathematics, Social Science, English and Hindi is given below.

Science Unitwise Marks Weightage of CBSE 10th

1Chemical Substances-Nature and Behaviour25
2World of Living23
3Natural Phenomena12
4Effects of Current13
5Natural Resources 07
Total Marks 80
Internal Assessment 20
Grand Total100

Social Science Unitwise Weightage CBSE 10th

UnitUnit NameWeightage
1India and The Contemporary World-II20
2Contemporary India-II20
3Democratic Politics-II20
4Understanding Economic Development20

Maths Unitwise Weightage of maths CBSE 10th

1Number System06
3Co-ordinate Geometry06
7Statistics And Probability11
Total Marks80

English UnitWise Weightage of CBSE 10th

1Reading Skills20
2Writing Skills with Grammar30
3Literature Textbook30

Hindi Unitwise Weightage of CBSE Class 10th

1Ques related to reading skills20
2Questions of writing skills and grammar30
3Questions from textbook30

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