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Indian Army GD Past Year Papers Download

This complete article is dedicated to provide you Indian Army GD past Papers. If there is any job in the country which gives competitive salary, best accommodation and huge respect from all of the country men, then that is Indian Army soldier. There are no better jobs other than Indian Army for some aspirants right now who want to truly serve the country.

Due to this heavy demand of jobs in Indian Army there is a lot of competition and, if someone want to join Indian Army, they must solve Indian Army Past Year Papers to get selected. If you want to boost your Indian Army GD preparation then you must solve Indian Army GD Previous Year Papers to be ahead of the rest.

There is a lot to be done when you want to join Indian Army like Indian Army Written Test, Physical Test, Medical Test, etc. Then after that there is a lot of verification work like document verification, identity verification, etc. Still, there is a lot of important information which you should take special care regarding How To Prepare For Indian Army.

Indian Army Past Year Papers Download- All Trades

If you are preparing for Indian Army GD and want to join Indian Army to serve the country in the best possible way then you have come the right place. We will provide all the important Indian Army GD Past Papers to prepare from in order to boost your preparation.

  1. Indian Army GD Past Paper Set-1
  2. Indian Army GD Past Paper Set-2
  3. Indian Army GD Past Paper Set-3
  4. Indian Army GD Past Paper Set-4
  5. Indian Army GD Past Paper Set-5

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There are a lot of ways through which you can join the prestigious Indian Army but not all the aspirants know about this information. There is some specific procedures to join Indian Army at different level like How To Join Indian Army after 10th, 12th, graduation, etc.

Indian Army GD Exam Pattern 2019

Serial No. Subject Questions Marks Pass Marks Remarks
1. General Knowledge 15 30 32 NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders are exempted
2. General Science 20 40
3. Maths 15 30

In order to clear the Indian Army GD Paper you need to have the clear idea about the complete exam pattern and syllabus of Indian Army GD. So that you can prepare for Indian Army GD in a best way possible.

Another important factor in preparing for Indian Army GD Written Exam is that you should have the relevant and the best books to prepare from along with complete Army GD Syllabus. If you prepare from best Indian Army GD Books for Indian Army Written Exam then you give yourself an edge over other candidates.

The Paper of Indian Army GD have 3 sections comprises of 100 marks. But if you have NCC ‘C’ certificate that you are exempted from the Written Exam of Indian Army of GD. Details of every section of Indian Army GD Past Paper is given below.

Section 1 : General Knowledge

Note: All the syllabus which is given below is not complete or comprehensive, this is just an idea of Indian Army GD General Knowledge Syllabus. It can happen that questions from the topic can come in the examination which are not included in this list of syllabus but will be from CBSE Syllabus.

  • Abbreviations – National and International
  • Sports – National and International
  • Awards – National Awards, Gallantry Awards, Nobel Prizes
  • History – Important dates and battles in Indian and World History and land marks of Indian History, national movement
  • Geography – Solar System Space exploration, The earth principal peaks, Deserts, Rivers, Lakes and famous waterfalls, Geographical Tallest, Biggest and Longest etc.
  • Terminology – Geographical terms, Economic terms, Astronomical terms, Legal terms and Misc terms
  • United Nation Organisation, Indian Armed Forces, Indian Towns, States and Union Territories, Indian News Agencies and Dailies
  • Institutions and Research Stations, International Space Stations and Festivals of India and World, Continents and Sub-Continents, Environment
  • The Constitution of India, Religious Communities and Principal Languages, National and International Days
  • International Organisations, Books and Authors
  • The world of Plants and Animals
  • Current Affairs and Who’s Who”

Section 2 : General Science

  • Human Body – Food nutrition, diseases and prevention, vitamins and their uses
  • General Science – Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Questions based on fundamentals and day to day activities)
  • Medical Terms
  • Scientific Terms
  • Scientific and Research Institutes in India
  • Numerical Ability – Questions will be based on the ability of the candidates of age group ranging between 16 and 20 years

Section 3 : Mathematics

  • Arithmetic – HCF, LCM, Demical Fraction, Square Roots, Percentage, Average, Ratio and Proportion, Partnership, Profit & Loss, Unitary Method, Time & Work, Distance, Simple Interest
  • Algebra – Basic Operations and Factorization, HCF & LCM, Quadratic Equations
  • Geometry – Lines and Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Parallelograms and Circles
  • Mensuration – Area and Perimeters of Square, Rectangles, Parallelograms and Circles, Volume and Surface Are of Cube, Cuboids, Cone, Cylinders and Sphere.

Why Solve Indian Army GD Past Papers?

Solving Indian Army GD Past Papers can be very beneficial for all Indian Army GD aspirants.

  • By solving Indian Army GD Past Papers you can get the idea of Indian Army GD Exam Pattern
  • Army GD Past Papers can help you in determining where you stand in your preparation
  • Past Papers of Army GD can be of huge benefits if solved properly
  • To get the best out of Indian Army GD Papers you need to solve them consistently
  • After solving ample amount of Army GD Past Papers you can increase your speed in the actual examination

How To Solve Indian Army GD Past Papers

  • First of all, download all the important Past Papers of Indian Army GD
  • Solve Army GD Past Papers regularly (atleast 2 daily)
  • Make exam like environment at home and then solve the Army GD Past Paper
  • It will also make you habitual of exam like environment so that you do not feel surprised by the question paper in the actual exam

Army GD Written Exam Test: Clearing Indian Army Written Exam is not an easy task for so many aspirants and many of them are such who have cleared Physical Test many times but failed to clear written tests. The best way not to loose again is solving Latest Indian Army GD Sample Papers as they will give you idea about the actual Exam Paper.

Along with Army GD Sample Paper, it is suggested to all the Indian Army aspirants that they should also solve Indian Army Online Tests regularly to keep in touch with latest questions of Indian Army Written Exam paper.

Get the complete information about How To Apply For Indian Army Online

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