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AFCAT 02/2020 Exam Answer Key

AFCAT 02/2020 conducted on 03, 04,05 OCTOBER 2020 in two shifts per day. As we promised, we are here with the latest AFCAT Exam 02/2020 Analysis and at the end will also provide the memory based questions of AFCAT with Answer Key. In this article, I will provide you with the official Updated AFCAT II 2020 Answer Key as soon as it is available.

AFCAT Exam is conducted by the Indian Airforce for the Recruitment of Officers (Flying and Ground Duty) in the Indian Airforce 2 Times every year. This year the AFCAT 02/2020 was conducted on October 2020 due to CORONA Lockdown since March in India.

The First step to join Indian AirForce through AFCAT 2020 exam is to clear the AFCAT Written Examination. As the exam has now been commenced, the candidates like you are very eager to calculate marks through the AFCAT 2020 Answer Key.

AFCAT 02/2020 Shift 1st and 2nd Answer Key and Exam Details
Exam Date03, 04, 05 October 2020
Exam OrganizerIndian Air Force
Exam ModeOnline
Exam NameAir Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) 2019

AFCAT 2020 Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme

Before reaching out to the Answer Key for AFCAT All Shifts, take a look at the Exam Pattern followed. AFCAT Exam test the candidates’ basic knowledge about certain topics and professional areas. For Engineers, AFCAT also conducts the Engineering Knowledge Test (EKT). The candidates applying through the technical branch should give this exam and clear it.

Below is the Exam Pattern for AFCAT 2020 which is followed by Airforce in every test. For Candidates who want to Apply for AFCAT 2021 must know about this Pattern.

The Exam pattern and Marking Scheme for AFCAT 02/2020 is listed below:

ExamSubjectDurationNo. of QuestionsM. Marks
AFCAT 2019GK, English, Maths, Reasoning, Military Aptitude Test02 Hours100300
EKT 2019Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science and Mechanical45 min50150

Marking Scheme and Negative Marking

Candidates get:

  • Time Duration: 2 Hours
  • No. of Questions: 100
  • 3 marks for Correct answer
  • 1 mark deducted for every wrong answer
  • no marks for unattempted answers

Overall Analysis of AFCAT Exam 2020- Solved Paper Questions and Answers

The Candidates quote that the Exam this year i.e. in 2020 is easier than last AFCAT exam. A total of 100 questions were asked as per the Exam pattern in the AFCAT Exam and 50 questions were there in the EKT Exam.

SectionNo. of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Verbal English25 questionModerate
Numerical Ability18 questionModerate
Reasoning32 questionModerate
General Knowledge25 questionEasy

The AFCAT Exam questions asked were from General Knowledge, Maths, Reasoning and English. Around 05 questions were asked from the Military Aptitude Test.

The Military Aptitude questions are in the reasoning section and are similar to the questions you get in the Officers Intelligence Rating Test (OIR) in SSB Interview Stage 1.

Most of the GK questions were from Static GK and were easily doable. Maths questions were a little tricky but moderate in difficulty.

AFCAT 2020 Shift 1 Answer Key | AFCAT Shift 2 Memory Based Paper

AFCAT 02/2020 Answer Key 03 Oct 2020: Shift 1

AFCAT 2019 General Awareness Question

Q: In 4×100 m race, which nation holds the record?
Ans: Jamaica

Q: Which Continent has the largest coastline?
Ans: Asia

Q: Which game is Geet Sethi associated with?
Ans: Billiards

Q: Who is the founder of Independent Awad?
Ans: Saadat Khan Buruhanual Mulk

Q: In which state of India “Than Ta Dance” is related?
Ans: Manipur

Q: Which sustains does not contain Silver?
Ans: German Silver / Nickel Silver

Q: When our Consitution was adopted?
Ans: 26 November 1949

Q: How many bouncers are allowed in T20 cricket match?
Ans: One

Q: The Hardest substance on the Earth?
Ans: Diamond

Q: The language of Ashoka’s Inscription?
Ans: Prakrit, Greek, and Aramaic

Q: Who was awarded first Bharat Ratana?
Ans: C. Rajagopalachari, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, C. V. Raman were awarded the Bharat Ratana Award in the year 1954, after the effect of the constitution.

Q: First three lady fighter pilot of India?
Ans: Bhawana Kanth, Mohana Singh, and Avani Chaturvedi

Q: The first Modern Olympic held where and which city?
Ans: In 1896, the first modern Olympic was played in Athens, Greece.

Q: Oldest Mountain range in India?
Ans: Aravali

Q: Numer of Players in Basket Ball?
Ans: 5 players in each team

Q: Who won the golden ball in FIFA 2018?
Ans: Luka Modric won the Ball for the “Best Player in Entire Competition”.

Q: Shuddhi Movement was run by?
Ans: Arya Samaj

Q: Capital of Nigeria?
Ans: Abuja

Q: Who was the Maldives President at the time of  Emergency in 2018?
Ans: Abdulla Yameen

Q: ISRO’s Satish Bahwan Space Center is located at which place?
Ans: Shriharikota, Andhra Pradesh

Q: The Author of the book “The Golden Threshold”?
Ans: Sarojini Naidu

Q: The founder of Stavahana Dynasty?
Ans: Simuka

Q: Who is the Father of the Indian Space Program?
Ans: Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai

AFCAT 2019 Reasoning Question

Q: A question on Venn diagram was asked – Music, Singer, Woman
Q: Another question on Venn diagram Uncle Man Father
Q: Flower, Clothes, Whites

AFCAT Answer Key 2020 for 03 OCT, 2020 (Shift 2)

Q: Uber cup is related to which sport?
Ans: Badminton

Q: who is the youngest grandmaster in India?
Ans: Parimarjan Negi

Q: Term used for stamp collection
Ans: Philately

Q: From which country India bought c-17 transport aircraft?
Ans: US

Q: Which country has hosted the Asian games maximum number of times?
Ans: Thailand

Q: The golden threshold book is written by? (Also asked in Shift I in Februray 16, 2019)
Ans: Sarojini Naidu

Q: Who is the father of the Indian space program?
Ans: Vikram Sarabhai

Q: Who is the author of the exam warriors book?
Ans: Narendra Modi

Q: Agra city was founded by
Ans: Sikandar Lodi

Q: Arthashastra was written by
Ans: Chanakya

Q: UN celebrated 50th anniversary in which year
Ans: 1995

Q: The visible part of the sun is called
Ans: Photosphere

Q: who was the founder of Pallava dynasty
Ans: Simhavishnu

Q: LCA stands for
Ans: Life Cycle Assessment

Q: Who was the first CM of Madras
Ans: A. Subbarayalu Reddiar

Q: The 2016 summer Olympics venue was
Ans: Rio de Janeiro

Q: Where are Mahendra Giri hills located
Ans: Gajapati, Odisha,

Q: Ozone layer located in which layer
Ans: Stratosphere

Q: Who is the chairman of the constitution drafting committee
Ans: Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

AFCAT Answer Key 2020 for OCTOBER 04, 2020(Shift 1)

Q: First modern Olympic games were held at which country/city?
Ans: Athens, Greece in 1896

Q: Who is the author of the book “death of a city”?
Ans: Mike Walsh

Q: Who has won the most consecutive Wimbledon?
Ans: Roger Federer & Bjorn Borg

Q: Sultan Azlan Shah Cup / Tournament is related with which sports?
Ans: Hockey

Q: What is the new capital of Myanmar?
Ans: Naypyidaw

Q: UN was established on?

Q: Who is the first Indian to win all England open badminton championships?
Ans: Prakash Padukone

Q: The derby cup is related to which game?
Ans: Horse race

Q: Which places were annexed under places annexed by the doctrine of lapse?
Ans: Kittur, Jaipur, Sambhalpur, Udaipur, Jhansi, Nagpur

Q: Who was the first speaker of Lok Sabha?
Ans: Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar

Q: Who was leading the Mughal forces in the battle of Haldighati?
Ans: Man Singh one of Amber

Q: Who was the first women defense minister?
Ans: Indira Gandhi

Q: Match the following:-
a) Indian – Rupee
b) Kuwait – Dinar
c) Australia – Pound
d) America – Dollar

Ans. c) Australia – Pound

Q: Who is known as the female Don Bradman of international women’s cricket?
Ans: Betty Wilson (Elizabeth Rebecca Wilson)

Q: Alexander invaded during the reign of which dynasty?
Ans: Nanda Dynasty (344-321 B.C)

Q: The kakrapar dam on which river?
Ans: Tapi river

Q: Which is the first country to impose a carbon tax?
Ans: Finland

We will update the rest of the questions as soon as possible. You can bookmark this page to get here easily to check the rest of the answers for AFCAT Exam 02/2020.

How to Calculate Total Marks from AFCAT Answer Key

In the AFCAT Exam 2019, there is a negative ,marking of 1/3 for every wrong answer or in case you have selected multiple choice for any answer then there will also be a deduction of 1/3rd of the marks.

Steps to calculate marks of AFCAT Exam:

  1. Note the number of questions that you got correct (for eg: 70)
  2. Multiply this number by 3. (70 x 3 =210)
  3. Now, note the number of questions you got wrong (for eg. 12)
  4. Multiply this number by 1 (12 x 1= 12)
  5. Subtract the wrong marks from right marks (210-12).
  6. You will get the estimated Total marks (198).

AFCAT Cutoff 02/2020 (Expected)

AFCAT 2020 cutoff will be released by the Indian Airforce with the Result of AFCAT 2020. But looking at the cutoff of the last 5 years and considering the level of the exam in 2020, the cutoff may remain between 160 -170.

The candidates who attempted 60-65 questions correctly with accuracy in the AFCAT 2020 Exam can consider themselves in a safe zone. Such candidates can start preparing for AFCAT SSB Interview.

In addition to this, Technical candidates with 60 marks or higher must get the call from the Technical branch. This is because the EKT cutoff from the last two year is 60 marks and seeing this years’ papers, it will remain almost same this year too.

AFCAT Cutoff of the last 5 years is given below:

AFCAT ExamAFCAT Cut Off (out of 300)EKT Cut Off (out of 150)
AFCAT 02/2020170 (Expected)60 (Expected)
AFCAT 01/2019165 60
AFCAT 01/201815560
AFCAT 02/201716060
AFCAT 01/201715060
AFCAT 02/201614860
AFCAT 01/201613252 / 150
AFCAT 02/201514452 / 150
AFCAT 01/201512655 / 150
AFCAT 02/201412345 / 150

AFCAT Exam Results 2020

AFCAT 2020 results will be declared in the last week of nov 2020. Last year the results were declared on 28 March. Declaration of the result will accompany the selection of AFCAT SSB centres and dates.

Selected candidates are advised to select the SSB Call up dates as soon as after the AFCAT results because slots can be availed by only a fixed number of candidates and you may not be able to select your desired dates or venue.

Next Step For Selected Candidates

Selected Candidates of AFCAT 02/2020 are called up for SSB Interview on the dates chosen by the candidates online on the official website.

Note that the dates once chosen can not be changed except in few cases. Therefore, it is advised to chose the dates and venue carefully.

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