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8 Daily Routine Tips To Crack Indian Army Written Exam

Indian Army is one of the most prestigious militaries in the world. It is also the second largest army in the world with more than 14 lakhs active soldiers. And over the years, Indian Army has become the no. 1 choice of youngsters in India as it promises both money and respect.

This is why most of the youngsters want to know how to crack Indian Army Written Exam. In this article, you will find tried and tested daily routines which can be really helpful in clearing Indian Army Written Exam.

In This Article

Like every year, this year too, thousands of candidates will try their luck to become a part of the Indian army wishing they can Crack Indian Army Written Exam. Many will get recruited but a wide majority wouldn’t.

Taking regular tests like Indian Army Online Tests and solving Latest Indian Army Sample Papers must also be your daily routine to stay ahead from the rest of the crowd. Online Tests and Army Sample Papers are the best and proven resources to prepare for Indian Army and a lot of candidates who get selected also attribute their success to tests and army sample papers

Even after passing the primary tests like physical and medical, many would still fail to make it because of the barrier called Indian Army Written Exam for that everyone must know the Complete Syllabus of Indian Written Exam.

Daily Routine to Crack Indian Army GD Written Exam [Infographic]

8 Tips to Crack Indian Army Exam , Nda , CDS Examination

The written exam is and always has been the toughest of all the Test for Indian Army GD. So, in this article, we will discuss with you all about the Daily Routine to follow to crack Indian army GD written exam.

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Below are the Tips to Crack Indian Army Written Exam:

  1. Regularity- While preparing for Indian Army GD, you should be consistent in every aspect whether it is with your running practice or studying, you should be regular. Regular studying will only make you more concerned, focused and confident on the day of the exam. Divide your time in hours, like 1 hour in the morning, 1 before evening and 1 at night. This should be enough to get you ready.
  2. Division of Subjects- Cover all the subjects but not on a single day, instead, you can divide your subjects according to the weekdays, like study English and Mathematics on Mondays and Wednesdays and same with the other subjects.
  3. Solve Guess papers- Try and solve previous year’s question papers or practice test papers or guess papers to get you familiar with the timing and concept. Do it on a regular basis and by the time of the exam, you will become an ace.
  4. Revision is the key- Whatever you study the whole week, Revise On Sundays so that it gets stuck to your mind. Make it a habit and do it regularly, this way you will remember each and everything you ever laid your eyes on.
  5. Notes Making- Make notes on what you think is important in a separate notebook. Keep them short and intact and underline the important words, This is the best way you can revise what you learned earlier.
  6. We have compiled a list of Recommended Books For Army GD Written Examination. These books will not only help you to make short and crisp notes but also have Previous Years Paper for Practice.
  7. Read Newspapers- Keep your General Knowledge up to date. For this you can read newspapers on a daily basis, it will not only keep your brain sharp but will also help you memorize what you study.
  8. Relax your mind- Try Yoga and meditation, it will release the negative energies from your mind and body and will increase the flow of positive aura. It will benefit you in cracking both physical and written tests.
  9. Quality Diet and Sleep- Make a fixed and timely Schedule for your Diet and Sleep. Sleep early at the night and wake up early in the morning. Same way, eat heavy breakfast and try to eat dinner at 8:00 PM and go to bed before 10.

Tip: Take a day off in every two weeks to cool your mind. Too much of anything can be disastrous in one way or another.

The above-mentioned routine has been successfully tested for many years. If you manage to follow these routines on a daily basis, we can absolutely guarantee that you will definitely crack the Indian Army GD Written test and become a part of the Indian Army.

Wrapping Up: We hope this article was helpful to you. But before written exams, the barrier in front of you is physical test. Check out the daily routines to crack the Indian Army GD Physical Test.

If you have any query or if you want to ask something or even if you have any suggestion, you can hit us on the comments section and we will get back to you as soon as we possible.

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  1. How to regain stamina back after staying away from exercise for a long time? Can I crack physical test in Indian army?

    1. Hello Nirakar,
      You can regain your stamina by exercising with a strict schedule of different exercises, especially running. You can make a routine for your exercises, join any sports club or indulge in a sport which needs a lot of stamina like basketball. All these techniques will improve your stamina with time. All you need to be is disciplined and committed to your goal. All the best Nirakar.

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